In an online or offline casino, it is needless to say that bonuses are one of the perks that are enjoyed by players.

Online casino bonuses in India are a huge compensation to game players, especially as they can’t enjoy the freebies that offline players often enjoy. These bonuses are also a tool for casinos to lure new members and retain their old members. 

If you are a new gambler, you will need to know what these bonuses are and how to get the best ones. Even though a lot of casinos offer various bonuses, Fun88 Casino has some of the best ones in the industry. This casino offers a wide range of bonuses to players in a bid to keep them invested in their favorite games. Click Here to start winning now.

Indian Casinos That Offers Best Bonuses

What Are Casino Bonuses And How Does It Work?

Casino bonuses are extra money added to your account which lets you play longer without using any more of your money. 

These bonuses help players to play their favorite games even when they run out of money to deposit.

In order words, what is said is that a casino bonus is a game incentive that casinos give to their players to either win them over (for new players) or keep them hooked (for old players).

It’s working –

Online casino bonus in India works differently depending on the status of the players. 

For new players, the casino might decide to give you a certain number of bonuses when you register. With these bonuses, you can play certain games as allotted by the casino to your bonus type without spending your money. 

For old members of the casino, different bonuses are given to enable them to play some games for free, and also to win free cash effortlessly. 

However, as free as casino bonus seem, they can’t be withdrawn until you meet certain conditions, known as ‘wagering requirements’ which will be explained more in the article. 

Also, these bonuses come with an expiration date as stipulated by the company. This means that you can only lay claim to and use up your bonuses for a period of time before it is taken away. 

Kindly note that these bonuses also come with terms and conditions that players have to understand and adhere to. Many websites like Fun88 Casino have bonuses with clear requirements that players can easily read and understand to avoid any confusion. You can Click Here to read some of them.  

Where I Can Get Casino Bonus To Play Online?

As said earlier, in this bonus guide almost all gambling sites give the biggest casino bonus to their old and new members at one point or the other, here are a few of some of the casinos that give some of the best casino bonuses, both in cash bonuses and otherwise. 

For example, Fun88 casino offers a whopping 200% bonus on any first deposit made by a first-time player. This is one of the best bonuses for online casinos in India and you can Click Here to get yours.

Best Online Casino Bonus

Popular Types Of Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are designed to put a smile on the faces of players, hence this is why there are different types of bonuses that you, such as the following:

Welcome Bonuses

Just as the name implies, the welcome bonuses are the bonuses that casinos give to new players to welcome them on board.

 Once a new player registers an account online, the player is gifted free bonuses as rewards or incentives for creating an account.

Free Spins

Free Spins bonuses are given to players to enable them to have a go at Slot games without having to make any bets from their money. 

Sometimes free Spins come with a player’s welcome/sign up bonuses. Other times, they come in the middle of some games (free spin bonuses don’t apply to all the games in the casino.)

Deposit bonuses

For this type of bonus, it is mandated that you make deposits before you can unlock and play with this bonus money. 

When a casino gives a deposit bonus, the player has to match up the bonus with their cash. The match deposit varies depending on the website, as some can give as low as 30% and as high as 200%.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is another bonus that online casinos offer their new players whether they make the first deposit or not. For this type of bonus, new players can unlock this and use it in playing games without having to make any deposit after registering completing registration. 

If you are new to gambling, no deposit bonuses work well for you as you won’t have to risk your money to play games.


Loyalty bonuses are given to their old players who have been playing with them consistently for a long time. 

They are exclusive appreciative bonuses that casinos give to show their appreciation to their loyal and unwavering customers who spend a lot of money playing different games in the casino.

How Can You Get A Casino Bonus In India?

Getting casino bonuses in India is as simple and straight forward as getting the bonuses in any gambling-enabled country of the world. 

First of all, you need to know that gambling is allowed in India. This means you need not look over your shoulder when gambling online in India. 

That settled, you need to note that there are a lot of websites where you can play games online to claim the biggest casino bonus in India, and they offer different types of exciting bonuses when you play.

To get a good casino bonus, you need to make sure that you search for the best online casino in India

Note that when we talk about the best website, we don’t mean just the casinos in India that give out the juiciest and most attractive bonuses. 

Instead, we mean platforms that are verified and certified. These casinos should 

  • have fewer weights and wagering requirements
  • be mobile-friendly, accept rupees and other currencies
  • be customer-friendly
  • have Quick withdrawals and payouts 

When you are certain that your proposed choice fits these descriptions, then you can go ahead to register/sign up. It is your registration that validates your free bonuses. 

Kindly note that if you don’t sign up or register first, there is no way you can get any form of bonus money from any of the gambling sites. 

To register, you click on the “Sign up”, “Open Account”, or “Join Now” buttons you see on the website and proceed to fill in the required information.

Once you have registered, you get your welcome bonuses, and you get other bonuses with which you can play different games and win money after you have made your first deposit.

What Benefits Do We Get With Casino Bonus In India?

Getting these bonuses are fun to get because there are free and come with a lot of great benefits. Some of these benefits are;

They give you a great head start

 For a newbie in the online gambling world, bonuses help you to learn fast. With bonuses you can have a taste of and maneuver your way around the online casino, trying out different games without using a lot of your real cash! 

Even though bonuses may not win you a large amount of money, they help win in bits until you can find your feet in the gaming world. 

Enables you to try out new games

 Casinos often introduce different new games at every point in time. The beauty of this is that most websites in India give you exclusive bonuses that allow you to try out these new games almost for free!

Cushion losses

The same way that bonuses help to boost your winnings, is the same way that bonuses help to cushion your losses (if there are any). When you play with your bonuses, you won’t lose more of your money when you make losses too. 

These are the benefits that you enjoy when you register with a reputable and beneficial casino like Fun 88 because it offers the best bonuses and offers to the Indian gamblers.  you can Click Here to get them.

Biggest Casino Bonus – Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements, playthrough, or wagers as you’d like to call it, is one of the terms that you’d hear of when you talk about the best online casino bonuses. Consequently, it is also one of the words that confuse a lot of newbies in the online gaming industry. 

Wagering requirements are restrictions placed on a particular bonus offer that mandates players to bet their bonuses a certain number of times before being able to withdraw. 

The requirements are put in place in Indian casinos to help protect the company from making excessive losses as a result of the numerous bonuses they give out. 

With these wagering requirements put into consideration and obeyed strictly, it becomes a bit harder for players to withdraw casino bonus money without investing their quota financially. 

Wagering requirements come in multipliers. For example, if a player gets a bonus of 200 rupees that comes with a 20x wagering requirement in Fun88 Casino, the player needs to bet the bonus 20 times on the platform before he can withdraw. You can Click Here to see for yourself

Before you start asking if wagering requirements are legal, they are legal and binding by the casino laws, hence you can’t fight it or boycott it in any Indian online gambling site.

Terms And Conditions Of Getting Casino Bonuses

Getting casino bonuses often come with terms and conditions and below are some of them. 

  1. Players must meet the wagering requirements before bonuses can be withdrawn or unlocked. 
  2. Players must register with an online casino before they can have access to their welcome bonuses or any other bonuses. 
  3. Casinos have the right to determine which games can be played with bonuses. 
  4. Bonuses have expiration dates that are decided by casino management. 
  5. Casinos have the right to decide which games can contribute to a player’s wagering requirements. 
  6. Accounts are verified properly before payouts can be made under any circumstances. 
  7. Players must be 18 years old and above to register and play casino games 

Kindly note that the terms and conditions for bonuses vary from one casino to the other. Some terms and conditions are strict while some, like that of Fun88 Casino, are quite lenient. Players are given more room to enjoy their bonuses and withdraw with ease. Click here to claim yours.


This is a bonus or bonuses that players are eligible to receive from gambling websites to entice them and to appreciate them for their patronage. Yes, you can win as many bonuses as possible.

It is very easy to get casino bonuses in India. All you need to do is to first of all register with a good online casino, and also meet the wagering requirements.

To withdraw your bonus, you need to meet your wagering requirements. When that is done, you would then proceed to the section for withdrawal and choose any withdrawal medium best suitable to you.

Slot machine games are the best games to wager a bonus on because of their high Return to Player (RTP). Slot machine games have some of the highest RTP

Just as casinos differ, in the same way, bonuses differ too. No two bonuses are the same because every platform wants to have an edge over the other in the industry.

Yes, you can totally reject your bonus if you want.

There is a 70/30 chance of you winning real money with your bonuses if you play your games well.


Wagering requirements or not, bonuses are amazing rewards that every player needs to enjoy their time in an online casino, most especially in the country of India. 

To get the best casino bonus in India, you should search for the best casinos that offer not just the juiciest bonuses but are verified and that have lenient wagering requirements before you register.