One of the most amazing things about casinos is the free spins that players have access to. Free spins are such a strong incentive for gamblers to keep returning to the companies that offer the most. This also means there are many free spin casinos in 2021, so it might be daunting for gamblers to figure out the best option. This post will shed light on the best options and give you an idea of which gambling platforms to play in for a higher chance of winning.   

This piece will help you take advantage of this great incentive and get access to your favorite games without having to spend so much money. A lot of new and existing gamblers make huge winnings from free spins from different casinos like Fun88 and we will show you how you can get yours. You can win real money while gambling without risking a lot of your deposits, so Click Here to get started.

Free spin casino Bonuses

What Are Free Spin Casino bonuses?

A free spin casino bonus is literally what it sounds like. Basically, it is a bonus given to players that enables them to spin the wheels of their favorite slot machines for free and win real money. They are commonly given as a welcome gift to new players, however, they are also awarded to existing players as a promotional or deposit bonus. 

Free spin bonuses are majorly for mobile and online slot games as this reduces the risk when a punter test drives a casino game.  

In a free spin, the user is allowed several spins of a wheel online without paying a dime.  For gamblers who love slot games, free spins are always a great incentive to get them to join a new platform.

How does it work?

Like earlier mentioned, these bonuses are offered as incentives to drive more traffic to the platform and draw loyalty from existing users. Free spins are typically used on slot games, which is the spinning of reels. Online gambling brands give out free spins as a promotional and marketing tool that enables players to win money without risking their own.  

It should be noted that these free spin bonuses are mainly linked to a specific game. It is on these pre-selected games that the player can have a free spin. Winnings from these spins are generally credited to the players’ accounts. The player can further use these winning credits to make more spins. There are also wagering requirements that these bonuses are subject to, and the terms and conditions differ between brands.  

Different casinos have varying terms and conditions. Consequently, players should ensure they understand the terms applied to a bonus before accepting it. They should also know the wagering requirement and also the maximum winning withdrawal the company will allow.

Benefits Of Free Spin Bonuses

A close look at the features of free spin bonuses will reveal a strategy by online gaming brands to attract more players; hence it is safe to say that it focuses on and only the player. 

Here is a list of some of the features and benefits of free spins: 

  1. It is free and widely available: A player does not need to deposit money to play this as it comes free.  They are also not hard to find as many of the top online gambling platforms offer them. You can easily find them advertised on their homepage or even in promotional emails.
  2. Applicable to a new or existing player: Free spin is one of the reasons players prefer online casinos. Once a new player is ok with the terms and conditions and completes the registration process of any casino such as Fun88, he is awarded a couple of free spins to get him started. The spins are also given to existing players as a promotion or after they fulfill certain requirements. Click Here to get yours now.
  3. Zero Cash Charge: Once a player has registered, he receives free spins at no charge that let him play games and possibly win real money. This gives the player an experience on the game before he decides to make a deposit.
  4. Easy to Access and Claim: There is no bureaucratic or bottleneck procedure to access this bonus. It is just simple! An interested player registers by entering personal details-name and email id. Once these are verified, the player can select the bonus type and start playing his favorite games, and claim his winnings with ease.
  5. A Player can win Real Money: Players can still win real money with free spins without depositing a lot of funds. These bonuses are given to both new and old players, and sometimes it depends on the amount deposited or the size of the wager placed.

Types Of Free Spins

Indian Renowned Online Casino platforms are constantly trying to enhance the gambling experience for their customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is by providing different kinds of bonuses and free spins to increase players’ chances of winning. 

All gamblers should know that different kinds of free spins are offered to players, each with certain requirements or conditions attached. However, we will focus on two major types, which are free spins for new players and promotional free spins.

Free Spin For New Players

This is popularly referred to as “Free Spin No Deposit Bonus,” and it serves as one of the most favored and popular casino bonuses. Players are offered several spins for free upon registration without any financial commitment in return. An interested player signs up with personal details, and when the account has been verified, he is given a certain amount of free spins that let him play pre-selected games for free. Here, even if the player doesn’t win money, he gains first-hand experience and enjoys the thrills of the game.  

However, you should note that this type of free spins often come with an expiration date. Many casinos offer No Deposit free spins with a week or month validity, so players have to use them within this timeframe to avoid losing out on chances to win real money.

Promotional Free Spin

These bonuses are more directed at existing customers. Casinos run several promotions where they give options to existing players to win free spins. For example, they might offer a promotion of free spin on deposits, so if a player makes a deposit, and he gets a bonus spin free.  Promotional free spins are also offered to existing players when the casino has a new slot game they are trying to promote. So players who love slot games often take advantage of the free spins to increase their chances of winning big on their favorite games. 

These promotions are incentives used to keep paying customers more active and loyal, and it sometimes runs monthly, weekly, and even daily.  

With these platforms trying to attract new customers and satisfy the existing ones, players definitely have a field day and higher chances of winning with all the amazing free spins and bonuses in place. However, bear in mind that these incentives almost always have certain conditions, and deadlines attached to them, so be sure to read the fine print and stay updated on any changes.

Free Spins Casino Bonuses – Wagering Requirements

On getting free spins, players often come across wagering requirements attached to each of these bonuses. Wagering requirements are basically certain conditions imposed by the casino on the use of free spins and other bonuses. It represents the total amount of money a player needs to bet or wager before having access to winnings made from bonus money or free spins. For example, if casino bonus has a wagering requirement of 40 times, this basically means you need to wager whatever bonus you have 40 times before you can convert it to real cash. For more clarity, if your bonus is $8, you automatically have a wagering requirement of $320 ( 8X40).Click here to claim yours.

Wagering Requirements For Free Spins

Many gambling platforms apply wagering requirements to free spins as well. It uses the same principle as the monetary bonuses as players have to wager their winnings made from free spins a certain number of times before being granted access to the money. For example, if you are gambling on a platform that has a free spins wagering requirement of 30, it means you have to wager the money won from the free spins 30 times before being allowed to withdraw. 

You should note that some platforms do offer no wager free spins to players. Here, players who have been awarded free spins can gamble with them and keep any money won without any stifling wagering requirements. That is, if you are awarded 20 free spins and win $100 from them, you get to withdraw your money immediately with no need to wager it on the platform. These kinds of free spins are simply the best, but they are not awarded that often, so you have to keep your eyes out for them.

What do You need to Know About Free Spins Bonuses?

The big question is, why are free spins offered to players? and the answer is clear cut -to get more patronage. This free spin bonus is enjoyed by both the new or novice player and the existing one.  

Players must understand some factors before accepting the bonus. so, it is important to read and understand the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses.

  1. The number of free spins: The number of free spins varies among online casinos. Therefore, a player should be sure of the number of free spins before accepting. Some give free spins on registration and can even give as much as 5 spins.   
  2. Amount of Deposit: Also, the amount of deposit required to trigger the bonus should also be understood. Some companies charge as much as 20 dollars for the bonus spin to be accessed.  
  3. Wagering Requirement: Players cannot withdraw the money won from free spins until they complete the wagering requirement. Most free spins are under certain terms and conditions. Players are required to bet the winnings for a specific amount of time. It is, therefore, advisable that players use casinos that have little or no wagering requirements. Fun 88 has a very competitive wagering requirement, and some spins are without these requirements.  
  4. Expiry Date: Players should also factor in the expiry date of the bonus before accepting it. Most spins, though free, have a limited time, and players should take this into account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

A free spin is typically a free bet. It is the spin of a reel without having to pay a dime.

Yes. Some casinos offer free spin upon registration.

Yes. The money won using your free spin is added to the player’s account balance.

No. Free spins are bonuses and can only be used according to the conditions of the casino.

No, free spins cannot be transferred but only used as offered by the company.

Most casinos offer free spins just once, and they are to be used as specified.

Yes, free spins are often offered to players as a welcome bonus for a complete registration on the platform. 

Final Thought

For all players, the free spin bonus offers the best first-hand experience of navigating online gambling. Amongst others, the player benefits from the thrills of the game and at the same time can make actual winnings—all these without committing a dime.

Players are constantly on the lookout for free spin casinos like Fun88 that offer the best incentives to the new or existing players. It is therefore not surprising that many casinos try to make different bonuses in the form of free spins and the rest available to players. This is what keeps their existing customers loyal and attracts new ones. 

With free spins, Players are ultimately offered the best experience in online gambling without having to break the bank. Click here to claim your free spins and start winning.