If you are a consistent gambler and you patronize online casinos often, then you definitely know what a casino welcome bonus is. The concept of welcome bonuses has been adopted by almost every casino in the world. Basically, it is a bonus given to new players of the platform immediately after they complete their registration. It works as a great incentive to attract new players to the casino. So if you have ever seen “Welcome Bonus” boldly written on the homepage of any casino, then click on it and claim your bonus. 

In this article, we would be beaming our lights on what welcome bonuses are, how you can get them and the advantages of using them when betting on an online casino like Fun88 Casino. We will also highlight some amazing casinos that offer great welcome bonuses and you can Click Here to get check them out.

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonuses, as the phrase suggests, are incentives used to attract and (potentially) keep new customers. These incentives are offered by almost all the big Indian online casinos you know. 

It is an edge that the online casinos have over the physical ones as it lets gamblers have access to great bonuses which they can use to win more money on the platform.  Nonetheless, these welcome bonuses are genuine ways to gain new clients and help build trust because not every new client would want to put large sums of money into something they’re not certain about.

Once you access the bonus, you could use it to bet on any game of your choice except the terms and conditions on the casino platform state any limitations. Summarily, these bonuses give you extra cash to gamble with or place bets and You can get a great welcome bonus on Fun88 Casino. Click Here to see.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Where To Get The Biggest Casino Welcome Bonuses In India?

Many casinos in India offer amazing welcome bonuses to new players. With a variety of options to pick from, players are often on the lookout for the casinos offering the biggest welcome bonus. 

With all that said, finding an online casino in India that offers huge welcome bonuses should not be difficult at all. There are hundreds of gambling sites already operating in India and a good number of them offer quite enticing bonuses. Some of these bonuses require deposits from players, while others don’t. If you are all out for big bonuses, you should also be ready to do the work because they often come with specific requirements. Other than that, there are so many great casinos currently operating in India with massive live welcome bonuses.

One platform you may want to check out right away is Fun88. It offers up to 2,000 rupees in welcome bonus to its new customers once they fulfil the conditions – which are not overly tasking at all. If you want great gains at a very minimal cost, then you should Click Here to sign up and start playing at Fun88 Casino.

How To Claim Bonuses From Online Casinos In India?

Claiming bonuses from any of the casinos could range from quite easy to pretty difficult and this depends on the terms and conditions which we would discuss later. Besides that, any new player can claim their welcome bonus by following these steps:

  1. Open and register an account with the desired gambling platform: Note that your casino must offer welcome bonuses for you to get one. So be sure to look closely in the website.
  2. If the casino only offers a deposit bonus, then you would have to make a deposit not less than the minimum stake. Some casinos offer higher bonuses on higher deposits so this is also something you may want to verify before making your deposit.
  3. Decide what welcome bonus type you want to take advantage of:  The common types are; mobile casino welcome bonus, staggered match bonus, and cash match bonus.
    • Mobile casino welcome bonus is given as a welcome package to new players when they complete their registration process.
    • Staggered match bonus is a higher percentage amount given to players when they deposit a certain amount of money.
    • Cash match bonus is a bonus given to players when they deposit certain amounts. Here the casino matches the amount deposited.
  4. Depositing money won’t automatically unlock the bonus and you would have to play the online games to meet the wagering requirements before the bonus is fully accessible.

These are the three general steps in claiming welcome bonuses from online casinos but as mentioned earlier, some casinos’ terms and conditions may require doing more than just three steps.

How Can I Use Welcome Bonuses To Play Online?

Claiming the welcome bonus is one thing and using it is another. Once you have been able to unlock your welcome bonus, you would either have to use it to play games or withdraw it but this would require meeting certain standards. Here’s how you can use it to play online. 

With bonuses, you would have to wager the free cash. You can use the money in your bonus balance to enter to play a game and if you win, you would receive your money in your real cash balance. Once this is exhausted, you would have to continue playing with your real cash.

Even if you decide to withdraw the bonus, you would still have to wager your money to meet the requirements before doing so. So in the end, bonuses can only be claimed, used or withdrawn by playing games online. Some casinos like Fun88 make the process very seamless for players. You can easily access the welcome bonuses without having to go through any unrealistic terms and conditions.

Casino Welcome Bonuses – Other Promotions

Besides the cash welcome bonuses that online casinos offer, some also offer some other perks for pretty obvious reasons. Whether these promotions are aimed at attracting people or not, it is definitely a win-win for players as they get a good chance to win real money.

Some online casino bonuses are accompanied with free spins just to make them a little more attractive so these are some perks you may want to look out for. These free spins allow you to play the spin without having to pay for them. 

Another important promotion is the VIP promo. This promo serves as a way to encourage already registered players to keep playing so that they could earn points which could then be converted to juicy deals like cash backs, free plays, or even free spins.

Referral programs are also run as promotions to reward customers. When registered players refer a friend, they get rewarded in diverse ways depending on the policy of the casino. The one referred would have to register and make a deposit before the reward is paid out to the referee.

Terms And Conditions Of Getting Welcome Bonuses At Online Casinos

Every casino has its own terms and conditions for accessing their welcome bonuses but some of these conditions are not peculiar to one casino. Some of the generic conditions include:

  1. Welcome bonuses cannot be claimed without first registering or creating an account on the online casino.
  2. The welcome bonus is only available for first-time players and after being used, cannot be restored.
  3. Some welcome bonuses have limited time frames after being offered so if they are not used within the time frame, they would be retracted.
  4. In many countries, the minimum age for playing at casinos is 18 and players below this age may not be able to register nor receive welcome bonuses.
  5. The wagering requirements come with their own limited validity. This means that you have to fulfill the requirements to unlock your welcome bonus before the expiry date and if you don’t, then it could be withdrawn by the casino.

These terms and conditions could increase with different online casinos so try to pick out the ones with relatively easy conditions to fulfill. You can click here to get started on Fun88 Casino and claim you’re an amazing welcome bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

A welcome bonus is one of the different incentives offered to their customers as a way of inviting them to play on their platform

New customers only. After you use your welcome bonus, you can not gain access to another one.

Nobody would want to give you free money with zero conditions so yes, you may be able to withdraw your bonus but that is only after you have fulfilled the requirements to do so. By the time you fulfil these demands otherwise known as wagering requirements, you may not want to withdraw the bonus anymore.

This is similar to your bank account balance. The bonus balance is a record of how much you have in bonuses and this is different from your cash balance.

Many online casinos do not have fixed amounts for bonuses so there is no long-term answer to this question. However, some of the online casinos in India which have overtime offered large bonuses are Betway Live Casino, Leo Vegas and Casumo.

A wagering requirement is part of the conditions online casinos place on their welcome bonuses to prevent people from withdrawing bonuses as soon as they get access to it. say, an online casino has a 10x wagering requirement of 1,500 rupees. A new player would have to wager 15,000 rupees (10 X 1,500) and until these requirements are met, the player would not be able to withdraw their bonus so they would have to use it or forfeit it.

Cashback is simply cash offer giving back to a player. Betting is a game of risk-taking and when losses are incurred, some online casinos offer to reduce the impact by giving you back a determined ratio of what you lost.


If you are new to gambling, then welcome bonuses are one of the many perks you would want to take advantage of. These could serve as a boost for your games and some sort of shock-proof materials in case you make mistakes in the beginning. 

Remember to take some time to look at the conditions attached to the welcome bonus and be sure that they can be easily fulfilled. This way, you can maximize the opportunity and possibly win some good money. 

If the bonus is big but the conditions are impossible to fulfil, then you may as well go for a smaller but attainable one offered by many casinos like Fun88. They still have good value and you can use them to play your favorite games as well. You can Click Here to get the best value welcome bonus

In addition to all these, you should also know that welcome bonuses are not mandatory to claim. You can decide to reject the bonus if it is not worth it or if you just don’t want it. The choice is all yours.