Online Andar Bahar is a top-rated casino game and is dear to loads of Indians. Its ability to reward huge sums of real money attracts diverse players from different parts of India and Asia at large. Nevertheless, gamblers are duty-bound to understand the games’ snippets before wagering real cash, despite it being well-paying. 

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Now, this piece seeks to educate you on all the angles making up the Anda Bahar online game and, most importantly, guide you on ways you can win massively. Also, feel free to check out the sites below, offering excellent gameplays and incentives to help you wager risk-free. Become a member at any that impresses your gaming needs.

Best Real Money Andar Bahar Casinos of 2021

What Is Online Andar Bahar, And Where Can I Play It?

Online Adar Bahar is an Indian gambling casino game that began first in Bangalore. In some cases, the gameplay is also known as Katti. It is India’s most favorite traditional game together with its counterparts, Teen Patti and Rummy. Surprisingly, the game is becoming renowned globally, thanks to its easy-to play-nature. 

The game takes place with cards and offers a 50/50 chance of winning. In the same breath, it has rules you should abide by to play masterfully and win. As a piece of an additional extra, Online Andar Bahar is playable with a live dealer, which we will discuss later. 

That said, you must check and gauge a bunch of aspects in the site you intend to play Andar Bahar for real cash. And considering there are loads of gaming platforms on the internet, your search for a reputable brand ought to be top-notch.

Frankly, the search can be tedious, but jumping off, you should go for sites with the following traits: 

  • Legit license: Any legal gaming platform you wish to join must be registered and licensed by well-known governing bodies to operate. You must confirm this information before enrolling. 
  • Excellent safety mechanisms: The safety of your credentials is vital in any online casino game. Check for the presence of SSL encryption on the site you intend to sign up right off.  
  • Excellent bonuses: If you are a new player, you should weigh the incentives available for newcomers on the sites. Therefore, assess the terms and conditions for getting and using bonuses to avoid inconveniences later.  
  • Reliable customer support: A decent site should offer multiple channels to air your problems. Still, your questions should be attended to in the shortest time possible, and by professionals. Read online reviews of the platform you favor to see if it passes this cat. To save you the hassle, sign up on Fun88 here to enjoy a breezy gaming experience.

How To Play Andar Bahar Online?

Loads of gamblers assume playing real money Andar Bahar is strenuous. The good news is, the game is quite straightforward for even novices to hack. Below are the simple steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Select a suitable site like FUN88 and create an account. Wait for your information to be verified for you to access the gaming interface. Afterward, log in and deposit wagering cash. 
  • Step 2: Search for Andar Bahar from the games lobby and launch it. 
  • Step 3: One face-up card will be dealt on the middle of the playing table, which will be your playing card. You should then place your stake, and decide where to wager it (Andar or Bahar). Ideally, that will involve foretelling where the next card similar to yours will land once the dealer starts laying them on the table. Note, the amount you wager should be within your budget. Don’t overspend. 
  • Step 4:  The dealer will place one card at a time on the Andar side and the Bahar side. But again, if your card (the game card) is a red suit, the dealing starts on the Bahar. If it is a black suit, dealing kicks off from the Andar. Overall, if an identical card to yours lands in your favor, you win and receive a payout. 

For example, if you bet on card number 5 to be on the Bahar side and the dealer deals another five on the Bahar side you win. If the card dealt lands on the Andar, you lose. Simple, right?

Rules For Playing Online Andar Bahar

As you can tell from the above steps, playing online Andar Bahar is not complicated, and so are the rules. Here are the guidelines of games  to follow: 

  1. The game card, which acts as a reference, is revealed to all players in multiplayer gameplay.
  2. The game uses a standard 52-card deck.
  3. Card number two is the lowest value, while ace is the highest. 
  4. The players bet on whether a card similar to the game card will appear on either the Andar or Bahar box. 
  5. The color suit, either black or red,  determines which box begins to be dealt. 
  6. A win resulting from the side the first card is dealt pays 0.9 to 1.
  7. In the case of extra betting, 2 cards will be placed on each betting sides. Then the players place their bets.
  8. Cards are placed on each betting box simultaneously.
  9. A successful prediction from where the second card is dealt pays 1 to 1.
  10. The house edge is between 2.15% and 3%.
  11. When a similar card is chosen, the game round ends.
  12. If your bet is on the correct side, either Andar or Bahar, then you win the game.  
  13. All other bets are considered lost to the dealer. 

How To Place A Bet On Online Andar Bahar?

Betting on Andar Bahar has fewer limitations to the minimum and maximum amounts of cash you can stake. It’s therefore advisable to pick the betting limits that match your budget.

Usually, before the dealer begins shuffling and placing cards on either the Andar or Bahar box, players are given a chance to place their bets. Well, this runs for a specified period, especially in live dealer gameplays. Thus, a gambler has to be quick enough to stake before the time elapses.

Once the game card displays on the screen, it’s time for the players to place a bet. You should then choose either Bahar or Andar as your side of betting before the game begins. For instance, if your pick was Andar and a card similar to the game card appears on the Andar side, then you are the winner. Otherwise, you lose the game.

Online Andar Bahar

How Do You Raise The Betting Amount?

As a new player in Andar Bahar, your betting amount is highly dependent on your bankroll and the signup bonus you receive.  But again, you may want to increase your betting amount over time, assuming you are on a winning strike or have a massive bankroll to spend. 

How do you go about it? The Martingale strategy has two principles concerning betting amounts. One, each time you lose a bet, double it in the next round. And two, each time you win, use your starting bet amount in the following round. Although the principle was developed for the roulette game, it is efficient in Anda Bahar gaming since it’s a game of chance. 

If you start with a higher amount, you are likely to be more aggressive in the game.  However, the bets you place are likely to become huge as you progress and a loss may have significant financial consequences. Therefore, lower wagers are the best in the game, especially if you are a beginner.

How Can You Win Real Money In The Andar Bahar Casino Game?

The most exciting part of the Andar Bahar game is playing to win real cash. For a fact, it’s why most gamblers sign up to play at FUN88. Who wouldn’t want to get some extra money into their pocket while having fun at the same time? 

Interesting, in this game, you must make correct Andar or Bahar predictions to win a prize. The winnings also vary depending on whether the first suit was black or red when dealing of the cards start. 

You will win money, which is 90% of your stake if the Andar side is the first to be dealt. If the Andar side is the second to be dealt, you will receive an even payout to your stake, less the house edge.  

For example, if the game card is black and your wager is 2000 rupees on the Andar side, you will win 3800 rupees, which constitutes 90% of your 2000 stake.

If you place the same stake on the Andar Side, but you win after cards are dealt on the Bahar side, you win 100% profit. In this case, you will get 2000 rupees cashback and another 2000 rupees as the profit, totaling to 4000 rupees.

Nevertheless, despite the game being lucrative, consider playing the free version to understand the payouts and device tweaks to wager effectively. Tap here to join Fun88 today and start playing with bonuses.

Play Andar Bahar on Mobile

Isn’t it fascinating mobile gaming allows you to play at your convenience? Well, whether you are using a mobile smartphone or a tablet, Andar Bahar will always be available the same way it appears on a computer. Remarkably, the game’s developers have been tweaking the game’s design to fit on smaller screens, and their efforts have been successful. 

Today, you can access the game, regardless of whether you are an Android or iOS user. The best part is you don’t need to download anything to play. Also, the game’s graphics and buttons are clear to ensure you enjoy maximumly. You no longer must carry your laptop around to wager on Andar Bahar or wait until you get home to play. You can access all the different games, including the live dealer version anywhere and anytime, provided you have an internet connection.

Live Andar Bahar

If you like real-time interaction with your gaming opponents, then a live Andar Bahar game is the best choice for you. Ideally, the live gameplay takes place the same way you will see at land-based casinos. There is always a professional live dealer to oversee the game, giving it a realistic feel. 

The game is streamed in the same vein in HD resolution, allowing you to see every happening coherently. You again have the liberty to choose the live dealer you want to play with and interact with them by asking questions. On the other hand, the live game permits you to engage with other players, which is impossible in the computerized version. The icing of the cake is when the dealer announces you as the winner in a game and gives you the prize live.

Play Andar Bahar for Free or Real Money?

Whether you are playing Andar Bahar for free or real cash, the game is an excellent way to have fun. But again, there are some disparities you should know between the two. They include:

Free Andar Bahar

  • No signing up is required to play the games.
  • Takes place with fake money hence doesn’t reward real cash.
  • Games can be downloaded from Play Stores.
  • Games aren’t audited nor the providers licensed.
  • Games don’t have live dealer versions.
  • Games are not limited to young players.

Real cash Andar Bahar

  • Signing up at an online casino is necessary.
  • You must wager real cash to win a prize.
  • Games are available to play with a live dealer.
  • Games are licensed and regularly audited.
  • Games are only playable by adults.
  • Games are only available on online casinos and not Play Stores.

Online Andar Bahar Casino Bonuses

The benefits of playing Andar Bahar on well-established sites are the incentives you will collect along the way. More so, nice casino bonuses will save you the hassle of having to deposit real cash every time you want to wager. Below are the perks you can expect: 

Welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is the signup token you receive after depositing cash. You should meet the set minimum deposit threshold to get it.

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is the incentive that follows the welcome bonus. You get this bonus after banking wagering cash to your gaming account.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is rarely found at casinos. It comes without loading any cash to a gaming account & can be in the form of a coupon.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus

This giveaway arrives as the percentage of the money lost in games. It requires no deposit, but you must wager a set amount of cash to get it.

Reload bonus

Reload bonus

More like the deposit bonus; this token allows players to collect extra money and free spins once they deposit cash into their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play the games for fun without signing up or making any actual deposits in your account.

No, you must create a gaming account at a reputable site to play for real cash.

Andar Bahar is a game of chance, and there are little to no tricks to win faster.

That depends on the amount of cash you stake and the site you play at.

No, it is impossible to cheat since the game is safeguarded by SSL mechanisms and the cards dealt randomly.


The Andar Bahar game is an exhilarating leisure activity that allows you to make extra cash while unwinding. But as you can tell from the information above, playing is easy but understanding the rules is crucial. Now, it’s the best time to try your luck and see what comes off it. Our recommendation is you sign up on Fun88 or any other brand on this page to start wagering. The good thing is you can wager with small amounts of cash to learn the game while winning or better still play the free version before wagering real money.