Online Baccarat is a plain-sailing game with exciting odds. Thousands of Indian gamblers play it daily for fun or to make profits. The alluring bit is that the games’ versions are numerous, and the chances to win are endless. Additionally, all the variations are playable with incentives and some with a live dealer. 

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This article aims to equip you with the necessary skills to play online Baccarat for real cash and bag winnings. More so, it will unearth all the ins and outs of the game, leaving you versed to wager in multiple versions. 

Now, brace yourself to read on and check other reputable and good-natured gaming brands you can pick to play thousands of gameplays besides Baccarat. The good thing about all of them is they will furnish you with freebies throughout your wagering life.

Best Real Money Baccarat Casinos

Online Baccarat- How To Play Baccarat At Online Casinos?

Frankly, taking part in online Baccarat is relatively direct and straightforward. Below is how you should proceed to play the game:

  • Step 1: Sign up at a decent site like FUN88. That will call for you to provide your name, date of birth, email address, among other personal details. Subsequently, wait for your account to be verified to access the gaming interface.
  • Step 2: Deposit some cash to collect the welcome bonus and proceed to search for Baccarat from the games’ category. Ideally, doing so will show a bunch of baccarat versions, but you should pick that with a reasonable house edge, especially if you are a novice or low bettor.
  • Step 3: After cherry-picking a game, launch it and advance to place your wager. Remember, the amount you stake should be on a par with the site’s rules and minimum limit. The exciting bit is the game’s interface will offer buttons to undo prompt, assuming you make a mistake.
  • Step4: After staking, you should press the “Deal” button to commence the game. You will then receive two cards. You should forge ahead to predict on the Player, Banker, or Tie. Eventually, a winner will result from forming a hand of nine or anything closest to nine. Any total above nine becomes the second digit on the figure. More so, if you land a hand of 14, four becomes your hand.

NOTE: The cards used in an online blackjack game have worth. Cards numbered two through nine count as their corresponding numeric value. The Ace is equal to one, while the King, the Queen, the Jack, and card number ten are worth zero. A winning hand of exactly nine is called a natural. If a Player or a Banker lands a hand of 5 or less, they are dealt a third card. Assuming they stand, they don’t receive it.

  • Step 5: You will receive a payout to your account’s cashier, assuming your hand is the highest. Winning with the Player bet earns you a prize of 1 to 1, the size of your stake. The Banker bet also pays 1 to 1 but less a 5% commission to the house, making the profit 19 to 20. As for the Tie bet, the payout is 8 to 1. You can press the “Re-Bet” button to play another round of the same stake as the previous or, better yet, clear everything and wager a different amount of cash. Still, you can log out to play later or withdraw the winnings from the gaming account.

Play Baccarat With Live Dealers

Playing Baccarat with a live dealer follows the simple procedure to that of the computerized version. Ideally, you should log into your gaming account and choose “live dealer baccarat.” Then, follow the prompts to wager. Luckily, you will have the honor of picking the playing table and a live dealer to oversee your game. 

Afterward, the live dealer will issue you two cards. If you are playing a multiplayer game, the other participants will also be dealt. From there, each player should form a hand, hoping to win the game. 

The best part about playing Baccarat with a dealer is you can interact with them in real-time via a chat box available on the gaming interface. That gives the game a realistic feel and often boosts the confidence of most gamblers. Still, being that you can communicate and see the playing table’s happenings makes the game thrilling than when wagering on the mechanical interface.

Play Baccarat With Live Dealers

The Basic Rules To Play Baccarat In India

Online Baccarat has stringent and specific gaming rules and regulations. Players must abide by these guidelines for a smooth and profit-making experience. Below are the terms guiding the game:

  1. All players must be of age to wager in any of the game’s versions.
  2. A 5% commission is deducted and remitted to the house for every winning on the Banker bet, leaving an equivalent of 95% payout.
  3. If the banker and a player get a total of 8 or 9, the two of them win with a tie.
  4. If the player has a total of five or less, the player can stand or receive another card.
  5. The banker hits 5 or less if the player stands in the game.
  6. If the total surpasses a hand of 9, the first digit is eliminated, making the second digit the hand.
  7. A tie as the final betting option gives an 8-to-1 payout. 
  8. Court cards are assigned a 0 value while the rest have face values.
  9. Each hand starts the game with 2 cards, with the third one being optionally dealt. 
  10. A pair of cards, 6 and 7, get a value of 3 while three cards, 6, 9, and another 9, get a 4.

Benefits Of Playing Baccarat Online

Playing Baccarat online in India has myriad benefits that it offers to gamers. The following are some of the goodies you will relish:

Affordability: Unlike traditional baccarat casinos, which only favored the wealthy, online baccarat casinos give every player an equal and fair playing opportunity. Thanks to cheap bets, you can place a bet at any time with as little as 100 rupees.

Customer support: Ever-present glitches occur in casino gaming. Availability of a customer support team to address gamblers’ concerns or complaints makes gambling breezy. The best part is you can get assistance via email, phone call, and live chat 24/7.

The flexibility of time: An online baccarat casino allows interested gamblers to make a bet from any place and any time as long as they are connected on the internet. That means you can wager in the morning or night when land-based casinos close business.

Promos and bonuses: On top of the deposits you will be making, online gaming opens leeway to collect incentives regularly. As it is, you can get perks such as a welcome bonus, VIP bonus, match bonus, among others.

Factors To Look Out For Playing Online Baccarat Games

India is home to hundreds of online baccarat casinos. Searching for the best there is in the market can prove to be a rigorous process. Luckily, your search doesn’t have to give you headaches. Here are some of the common elements to look out for: 

Reliability: Every online casino promises to deliver the best user experience to its clients. However, not all of them are trustworthy, and therefore, they do not provide the said promise to gamblers. To avoid frustrations and difficulties in baccarat gaming, we check on the casino’s honesty by reviewing the mode of customer support and compatibility of the games to play on mobile.  

Games: Online casino platforms should offer a unique gameplay variation, allowing gamblers the luxury of choosing their preferences. Some of the best baccarat versions we scour include the likes of mini-Baccarat, Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and much more. Finding the games at a site is an indication the platform is a decent gateway to offer various gaming options to wager and win.

License: Online baccarat wagering is regulated by several acts and laws that all gaming providers must follow. To that effect, all the sites we allow on this platform must operate under renowned licensing bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission. 

Payment: Payment options are parameters we utterly check when selecting an online baccarat casino for Indians. Our analysis incorporates the payment channel’s convenience to make deposits and withdrawals speedily and in the rupee currency. Consequently, we favor brands supporting transaction methods such as VISA, Skrill, GPay, Neteller, Paytm, Mastercard, and wire transfers. 

Security: We strongly believe that data, transactions, identity, among other aspects should at all-time be kept safe whenever you sign up to play online Baccarat. On account of that, we only promote sites with SSL encryption and a decent reputation to protect gamers from hackers. If a gaming platform lacks that or a cybersecurity logo from a well-known firm, you will never see it here.

Online Baccarat Bonuses – Play Baccarat With Bonuses

Many online casinos give incentives to baccarat players to encourage responsible and risk-free gambling. Here are the finest bonuses to look for while signing up in India:

Free Spins bonus

Upon signing up as a new player, a baccarat gaming site can give you free spins to play slot games. The amounts are enticing and would come in handy to help you build your bankroll and play other games.

No deposit bonus

This giveaway does not require you to load any cash into your gaming wallet to get it. It is automatically credited upon signing up or playing regularly, but winnings may not be withdrawable. 

Welcome bonus

This offer is awarded upon signing up and loading cash to your cashier for the first time only. In most cases, the freebie is 100% or even more on the banked funds.

VIP bonus

It is an incentive given to wager on selected games and varies in size, depending on a gambler’s status on a site.

Invite-a-friend bonus

Referrals are a common element in gambling, and a gamer receives an invite-a-friend offer after successfully calling a pal to sign up and wager at a gaming site. The best thing about this offer is you will continuously get it whenever your friend comes on board to play.

Promotional bonus

This incentive is awarded to encourage gamblers to play occasionally. It might also be recurrent, giving them a reason to wager often in online games.


Sometimes, gaming sites find it worthwhile to rejuvenate their customers for losses incurred while playing. That’s when the cashback bonus comes in as a percentage of the lost cash of up to a certain amount.

Play Mobile Baccarat Game To Win Real Cash

Mobile Baccarat is an incredible game you can play on your phone and still win cash rewards. More so, it offers two options to players. First, you can utilize the download channel to get an app for convenient playing. If the download part is unavailable, use the browser, which works just fine. However, note that the browser doesn’t guarantee security, although it offers the same gaming platform as the app.

All the same, you can play your favorite game on mobile conveniently, regardless of your location, provided you have internet connection. But for a better experience, download a gaming app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. If it is your first time, ensure you sign up and deposit cash to enjoy the games. You may even be lucky to receive a device bonus in the process.

Quick Baccarat Tips- Play Like A PRO

Online baccarat games have tips and tweaks that can increase your success rate to bag a win.  Consider trying out the following strategies to play like a pro in each of your next gaming sessions.

Understand the odds applied in the game

Understand the odds applied in the game

As you now know, winning requires a total hand’s value of 9. More so, understand how each of the cards you receive contributes to helping you beat the game. Master the worth assigned to each card, targeting those that offer better chances.

Choose the best online casinos

Choose the best online casinos

Casinos are not the same due to the difference in the games, bonuses, terms, and other elements. Honestly, some sites interfere with the odds, reducing the chances of a fair win. Therefore, check out for the authenticity, house edge, and audit certification of the site you use.

Manage your bankroll

Manage your bankroll

Gaming can be very addictive, which might eat up your finances unnecessarily. Be cautious when staking. Know when to increase or decrease the wagers. Taking a break from the game is also recommendable, especially when continuously making losses.

Show flexibility

Show flexibility

Chances of winning a considerable amount using one strategy in a baccarat game are always low. It is advisable to use multiple techniques and play different variations to gauge their lucrativeness. Additionally, take time to learn the game’s ins and outs from experienced gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Offshore online Baccarat gaming is allowed in a bunch of Indian States.

Yes. Playing online Baccarat guarantees you a real money payout.

No. Online Baccarat does not limit players to the number of the game’s variations they can play, provided they are of the set age.

No. A variation in the bonuses offered to players differs from one baccarat site to the next.

No. The game involves random numbers, which implies there are no guarantees to secure a win.

No. Most online baccarat casinos offer their games through gaming sites.

No. The online baccarat gaming system cuts a 5% commission on the winnings made for each game.


Online Baccarat is a prestigious and easy-to-play leisure activity. This fast-paced game is characterized by straightforward rules, as you can tell from this read. The games’ elegant appearance makes it enjoyable for both new and experienced players. And apart from playing the computerized version, the live dealer option kicks in more fun and learning opportunities. Now, you can practice wagering on Baccarat by playing the free versions available online. But if you want to start making profits right off, sign up at FUN88.