Mobile blackjack games are revolutionizing the online gaming world due to their popularity among gamblers. And while some punters may argue that playing on a smartphone is straining to the eye, there is no denying the convenience of maneuvering the mobile interface is way better and faster than in a computer.

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The gaming world is dynamic and shifting at lightning speed, thanks to technological advancement. And today, we would like you to pick up all the information there is to mobile blackjack games for Indian gamblers. Scroll down to discover more but remember to choose a casino below and sign up to earn perks available.

Mobile Blackjack Games

Top Recommended Casinos For Blackjack

Benefits Of Playing Mobile Blackjack Games

There are fringe benefits you will relish by playing mobile blackjack games. Let’s discuss some of the gains you should expect:


Owning a smartphone is handy, and as such, you can use it anytime, anywhere. As a result, you take advantage of your phone to log into your gambling account and swiftly play your favorite blackjack game. The only extra thing you will need is a fast internet connection to start and operate the gaming interface.


Mobile blackjack games are decent distractions whenever you are in boring places like traffic. To a great extent, you can pastime and derive pleasure while making some cash from wagers. And assuming you win, you will have made yourself more productive by killing two birds with one stone.

Minimal interactions

Of course, desktop blackjack gaming offers a wide viewing area. However, your wager may end prematurely in a scenario there is a blackout. Unfortunately, if that happens, you automatically lose your stake, regardless of how close you may have been to win. Thank heavens, using a mobile eliminates such setbacks, provided you power your device to a fore of playing.

Privacy and serenity

It is often necessary to meditate on the cards before making your next move in Blackjack. As a result, if you are a friend who loves to seclude themselves while gambling, mobile blackjack gaming is a shot in the arm to fulfill your desire. With a smartphone, you can lock yourself in a quiet room to stake, away from the noise from friends or family members.


In most cases, a computer often has multiple users at home, office, or cyber cafes. And assuming you use it to play and forget to log out, someone can access your gaming interface and squander your wagering cash in worthless bets. Fortunately, playing on a smartphone device allows you to enjoy a secure gaming experience, especially when using an app. That is so since most online casinos encrypt gaming apps with solid security features, and better still, a password and fingerprint prompt.


Most online casinos perceive a gambler that uses a mobile app as unique and loyal. Consequently, they offer regular distinct incentives to entice more customers to play on a phone. As you may know, bonuses come in handy whenever you lack real-wagering cash but want to stake.

How To Set Up A Gaming Account

Playing mobile Blackjack games on any online casino isn’t a problem once you have a gaming account ready. However, if you lack the know-how to go about it; follow the simple steps below, and you will be good to play for real money: 

  • Step 1: Before you create an account, ensure you search for a  reputable online mobile casino that works to the best of your expectations. Similarly, confirm it has a gaming app accessible in India that you can download.
  • Step 2: Download the mobile app from your preferred casino site or, better still, from the App Store for either Android or iPhone. Next, install it and ensure you grant it the necessary permissions.
  • Step 3: Launch the app on your device to register your gaming account. You will need to provide some information, such as your name and email number, before being verified. The verification process takes time, but that will be subject to the site you want to join.
  • Step 4: After getting the green light to play, log into your account to deposit cash right off the bat. You will see an icon labeled my account or deposit on the homepage. Click on it and follow the next prompts to load cash. Remember, your first remuneration is crucial as it dictates the size of the welcome bonus you will earn. 
  • Step 5: After confirming that your deposit is successful, head back to the games category and click on casino games, followed by Blackjack. There, you will catch sight of multiple blackjack versions you can play. 
  • Step 6: Choose and click your preferred variation to launch it. Now, select the value and amount of betting chips you want to play with before purchasing them with the cash in your gaming wallet. After staking, the game’s dealer will give you two cards and expect you to form the best hand of 21 or thereabout without going overboard. If you do, you will win the game and bag a prize.

Where Can You Play Mobile Blackjack Games?

This is a question most gamblers ask, especially novices. Fortunately, you don’t have to scratch your head or worry about where you can play. Below are two top-rated online casinos you will scoop a fun-filled gaming experience in the comfort of your home: 

Spin Casino: This platform offers a welcome token amounting to 100,000 rupees in three cuts. The blackjack games list is outstanding; top-notch software developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming offer the gameplays. On the other hand, the site has a mobile app. Some blackjack versions are playable in HD with a live dealer. Gamblers also get an opportunity to join the site’s VIP program and Loyalty club. Luckily, the wagering requirements demand staking incentives 50 times, which is kind and reasonable. Join Spin Casino here to explore the games. 

Betway: This casino site boasts offering some of the best online casino and most lucrative esports betting games. It has a mobile app that can be harnessed in Android, Windows, and iPhone devices. And despite the brand supporting Bitcoin as a payment option, you can use wire bank transfers, swipe cards, or better still, e-wallets. Surprisingly, the site rewards new punters with a welcome token of up to 60,000 rupees. As though not enough, it runs promotions and offers wagering points. In addition, depositing cash is 100% free, but withdrawals often incur some charges, depending on the financial institution used. Join Betway here.

Fun88: This is one of the best platforms to play dice games online. It is safe to use and has legit licences from the UK Gambling Commission. In the same vein, FUN88 offers customer support around the clock through emails and live chats. Gamblers also get assistance through the FAQ section or by writing a letter to the site. Notably, new players get a welcome discount of up to 30,000 rupees plus and cashbacks weekly, amounting up to 8,000 rupees. The site also has an impeccable mobile app for use in Android and iPhone devices. Tap here to start playing at FUN88.

Play Mobile Blackjack For Free Or Real Money

Mobile Blackjack appears in free and actual money gameplay despite wearing different styles. However, do you know what to expect if you play for free or real cash? Well, here are the disparities between the two:

Free mobile Blackjack

  • The game can be downloaded from sites. 
  • The game doesn’t involve staking real cash but virtual money. 
  • The game doesn’t have the live dealer version. 
  • The game doesn’t pay out real cash. 
  • The game doesn’t demand signing up.

Real Money mobile Blackjack

  • The game rewards gamblers with real cash. 
  • The game requires a bettor to sign up at a gambling site. 
  • The game isn’t available to download. 
  • The game requires wagering with real money. 
  • The game has both live dealer and computerized versions. 

Tips To Win At Mobile Blackjack Casino

Do you want to collect more rewards while playing mobile blackjack games? Well, you should then use the following tips: 

  • Play at the right online casino: Joining a spot-on site comes with the advantage of averting rogue platforms. Notably, confirm a reputable body licenses the brand, and the customer support system has impressive reviews online. 
  • Practice the game: The demo versions should be your cup of tea if you want to hone your wagering appetite. More so, make a habit of playing them often and pick every discovery you land. 
  • Use bonuses: Despite incentives having wagering requirements, they can be a haven whenever you are on a losing streak. And when you double that with the fact that they have an expiry date, utilizing them lickety-split can be a shot in the arm to boost your winnings and open the leeway to withdraw prizes. 
  • Set a budget: As a gambler, it is often possible to be carried away by mobile Blackjack games due to their intriguing nature. However, making sound judgments of when to stop, decrease, or decrease your stake is crucial. In other words, never overspend to get back losses whenever the game isn’t ending in your favor. 
  • Analyze the cards: At the commencement of every gaming round, you will get two cards that you should use to form the best hand. As a result, take time to evaluate your chances of beating the house before making your next move. Ponder over whether to double, split, hit, stand, or stake an insurance bet right off the bat.

Some Popular Devices To Play Mobile Blackjack

All mobile games are playable on the typical smartphone browsers. However, if you want to play them via the apps, you must ensure your device is compatible with the respective Operation System’s providers: Below are the giant OSs you can use: 

Android: This is arguably the top OS and widely-used you will get on the internet. It stores mobile blackjack games on the Google Play Store. Luckily, the gameplays are free to download and play. 

iPhone: This Operating System works on iPhones and iPads. Thanks to the excellent security framework employed and the touch home button used to lock or unlock the phones’ screens, it is safe to use. 

Windows: This system powers phones that utilize Microsoft OS. However, you must ensure your device is compatible with the games’ versions since Microsoft keeps updating their systems regularly. 

Basic Mobile Blackjack Rules

As a gambler, you are obliged to follow a few guidelines while playing mobile Blackjack. Next is what you should know and abide by all the time: 

  1. Card shuffling happens at the beginning of every game.
  2. You should place your bets before the games start.
  3. Dealing cards to the players start from the left side.
  4. Each player gets two cards facing up.
  5. The dealer gets two cards with the first card facing up and the second facing down (Also called the hold card).
  6. The dealer can only peek on his second card if the showing card is an ace or has the value of 10.
  7. It is game-over if both the dealer’s cards sum up to 21.
  8. The card dealer is always the last one to play.
  9. The dealer pays out the winnings and collects lost bets.
  10. The exact amount of payout is dependent on your initial bet and the house edge.
  11. A player wins an insurance bet if the dealer’s showing card is an ace.
  12. There is no loser or winner if both the player and the dealer have cards summing up to 21.
  13. Splitting is not allowed after doubling.
  14. A player that gets an ace and a ten after a split is not considered to have won with a Blackjack.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Some games lack the mobile app versions but can be accessed on the smartphone browser interface.

Of course. Provided you play for real cash, always expect to collect a prize if you win. 

Yes. All the real money mobile Blackjack games use Random Number Generators to produce results.

None is outright the best. It would be best to play a few free versions to zero down on the one you feel can earn you handsome rewards when you stake. 

You should be 18 years and above or past the legal age set in your country.

That is highly unlikely since the games use SSL encryptions to keep away anyone trying unlawful acts.


Online mobile Blackjack gaming has witnessed tremendous growth over time. The convenience that comes with mobile games is out of any gambler’s expectations. And when you double the fun and profits, trying out your luck becomes a top thing you should consider doing. Today, Fun88 Casino wants to reward you with up to 24,000 rupees if you sign up and deposit a similar amount of cash. Why not take the offer and start playing mobile Blackjack games? Register at Fun88 Casino here now