Playing blackjack with tips enables you to tweak your wagers and surge your chances to win handsome payouts. Notably, wagering in the game requires guts due to the risk of losing cash. 

Fortunately, Fun88 casino doesn’t leave you to walk alone in the unfamiliar world of Blackjack gaming. More so, it gives you incentives such as the 8,000 welcome bonus and leeway to become a VIP bettor. Into the bargain, you access numerous blackjack versions and access to the site’s mobile app. Join Fun88 today to enjoy blackjack games. 

Most gamblers wonder how they can balloon their winnings on blackjack. The good news is that this writing will tackle all the snippets to lucrative gameplay on the game. Now, sit in your best reading position but don’t forget to review the casinos below and enroll in at least one of them as you scroll down.

Blackjack Tips

Try Blackjack Tips To Win At Indian Casinos

Quick Tips To Win Online Blackjack For Indian Gamblers

As a gambler in online blackjack, using wagering tips at a site like Fun88 casino is a must-have prowess you must possess. And while the game calls for keenness and analysis, harnessing some strategies will come in handy to mitigate losses. Next are some quick tips you should ponder on picking up:

  • Choose the right version: Online blackjack game comes in multiple versions, with some being playable with a live dealer. On top of that, each gameplay holds on to specific rules and the number of decks. Consequently, being versed with the variations and cherry-picking the most ideal is necessary if you want to wager knowledgeably and effectively. 
  • Play games with few decks: Going for a blackjack game with one or two decks is often a worthy move, especially if you are a beginner. And while card counting doesn’t work in online gaming, wagering with few cards can help you learn and the game with scarcer hitches.
  • Study the guidelines: Out of the different blackjack versions you will play, each of them will offer dissimilar payment information and rules to the others. Never choose and wager on a blackjack randomly. Knowing when the dealer can stand or hit and that a game paying 3 to 2 is better than that with 6 to 5 are just examples of why it is crucial to apprehend the rules. 
  • Use a blackjack cheat sheet: Blackjack allows gamblers to download a cheat sheet and refer. As it is, the document enables you to counter check your moves regularly and know when to stand, hit, surrender, or split your hand. 
  • Wager with small stakes: Placing a colossal wager can reward handsomely. However, such a bet is also risky, considering the losing chances are somewhat equal to those of winning. Applying a conservative approach is often necessary for blackjack gaming, especially if you are a novice. More so, it is best to stake little sums of cash while starting out and increase it gradually, depending on your winning streak. Tap here to wager at Fun88 Casino today.

What To Do And Not Do While Playing Blackjack?

Frankly, novice gamblers often blunder while playing blackjack games. Unfortunately, some errors or mistakes end up being costly in the long run. There are things you should uphold and knock off others to be on the safe side. Below are the Dos and Don’ts in blackjack gaming:


  • Play at reputable online casinos: This is one of the must-do things when wagering in blackjack games. Frankly, some sites don’t meet the cat and are rogue. Others lack licensing documents and jeopardize the Random Number Generator (RNG). As a result, they deny winning chances and offer substandard payouts.
  • Use Incentives: Blackjack bonuses are your best shots to winning the games without using real cash. When you double that they possess wagering requirements, taking advantage of them right off the bat is necessary. Therefore, always prioritize to exhaust the giveaways before spending the cash in your betting wallet.
  • Practice the game: Free blackjack gameplays or the demo versions are a shot in the arm to hone your wagering skills. If you are a novice or an experienced gambler, playing the free games will help you learn the snippets faster and discover new ones that may be unfamiliar to other players.
  • Take breaks: Taking a breather from wagering in blackjack allows your mind to rejuvenate for the game. Ideally, whenever tired, it can be mind-bending to decipher when to make a particular move.


  • Don’t ignore chances: Never overlook opportunities to either surrender, split, or double your bet. More so, taking any of the options can mitigate your losses or boost your reward if you win.  For example, if you surrender when the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you lose half of your stake instead of the entire original bet.
  • Avoid side bets: Side bets often raise a blackjack game’s volatility level and are costly due to the extra stake. Ideally, placing a bet on them means you will lose more cash than you would have lost by sticking to the usual wagers.
  • Don’t chase losses: It is possibly easy to overspend on blackjack bets when on a losing trend. More often than ever, gamblers fall into the lasso of going after a win and forget to keep an eye on their spending.
  • Avoid the insurance wager: This type of bet works to the players’ advantage only when the dealer lands a natural win. More so, if the dealer fails to get the blackjack and you had staked on the bet, you lose indefinity.
  • Don’t borrow money to play: You should perceive blackjack gaming as a leisure activity and not an investment opportunity. And as much as you yearn for a handsome reward, never forget there is also the likelihood to lose. Therefore, always spend the money you have left for entertainment and not for paying your bills.

Things To Remember While Playing Online Blackjack

Now that you know the tips to use, the dos and don’ts, there are basic things you must always keep in mind while playing blackjack online. Let’s take a recap on them below:

  • Learn the basics: There is typically no shortcut to winning in blackjack without apprehending the rules and gameplay drills. Notably, take time to read and play the free modes to get a decent understanding of what works and doesn’t. 
  • Evaluate your hand: One of the best ways to win in blackjack is by making the right moves timely. Therefore, know when you should stand, hit, split or place a side bet if need be. The crucial bit is to pay attention to the hand you get after the dealing of cards.  
  • Cherry-pick your game: Choosing a suitable game means you may have higher chances to win. For example, if you have been practicing on the American blackjack version, wagering on it would be the best move since you know much of its snippets. 
  • Confirm the paytable and bonus terms: This boils down to picking and signing up at a decent site. More so, house edges vary, and you should go for those offering the best offers in terms of payouts and bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way is to play the demo versions regularly.

It depends on your knowledge of the game and the amount of cash you want to win. For example, if you wish for high payouts, go for games with multiple decks.

No. those are only meant to help you sharpen your skills before wagering with real cash or when unwinding.

No. online blackjack games utilize automated shuffling and dealing of cards. That means that it is next to impossible to foretell which card will show next.

The limits are subject to the version you play and the online casino you join. However, most platforms will let you stake as little as 100 rupees. 

Well, a pair of ace or eights are arguably the most decent to split. However, that will depend on the hand you anticipate forming.

An insurance bet is a good idea as it protects you from loss if the dealer lands a blackjack. However, if the opposite happens, your cash goes to the house. Be wise when placing it.


You now have all the necessary bits to play blackjack like a pro. Remember, a good understanding of the strategies can increase your chances of winning against the house. However, the crux of the matter is practicing the game and implementing the skills you scoop. Placing well-thought wagers is another aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Now, if you are ready to try your luck, we recommend you join FUN88 for bonuses and a breezy gaming experience.