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Right now, you are just in time to gain insightful information about playing Jhandi Munda online. This article will undoubtedly make you a pro at the game while giving you the reasons you should consider playing for real cash. But before you get to that part, beneath are a couple of worthy-looking gaming brands. Try out any of them by signing up today.

Best Jhandi Munda Casino Sites

What Is Online Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda (Crown & Anchor) is a six dice game originating from northern India. The gameplay boasts different names that include Crown and Anchor or Langur Burja. In India, the game is top-rated, and its popularity can best be seen during Hindi festivals. 

When looking at its online version, Jhandi Munda offers a great deal of entertainment and endless chances for gamblers to make some extra cash. In fact, players who wager on the game’s live dealer version get a kick out of real-time wagering experience, which is like what is present in land-based casinos. Overall, Online Jhandi Munda is a well-rewarding game, and the rules are quite straightforward.

Things To Look For Before Playing Jhandi Munda Online

Jhandi Munda game - Licenses


Gamblers are strongly advised to play casino games online at regulated gaming sites. That aside, you should aim to Play Jhandi Munda online on a platform with recognizable licenses such as those from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Otherwise, you are likely to see yourself behind bars or lose cash in unexplainable circumstances.



Giveaways are an integral & vitally useful part to play Jhandi Munda online e.g, at FUN88, gamblers get a reload bonus on cash amounting to £200 or the equivalent in rupees weekly. That is impressive & indicates you can build up your bankroll risk-free while pocketing some profits. Therefore, work towards signing up at such platforms and collecting any incentive coming your way.

Payment options

Payment options

With hundreds of banking options in the market nowadays, you must think of how you want to be withdrawing and depositing cash at casinos online. The most convenient and safe channels to use are wire bank transfers and VISA/MasterCard. In the same breath, you can opt to use digital wallets for your transactions. Importantly, your e-wallet should be encrypted to your gaming account to safeguard your funds.



Let’s face it, there are loads of unsecured gaming sites on the internet. More so, using such platforms puts your cash as well as credentials at risk. To be on the safe side, play Jhandi Munda for free and real money at gaming brands with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption certificate. To the same degree, ensure the payment gateways are authentic to prevent hackers from accessing your funds.

How To Play The Jhandi Munda Game?

Frankly, Jhandi Munda is one of the easiest online games like other casino games i.e. blackjack or roulette where you can wager and win. The guidelines are simple, and you can bag a reward in minutes. Here are the steps to play it online for real cash:

  • Step 1: Find a trustworthy site and create a gaming account. That will involve assessing the aspects mentioned above and providing your credentials. Ideally, you should fill a sign-up form with your real name, home or residential address, email address, phone number, date of birth, among other details. From there, wait for your identity to be verified before accessing your gaming interface.
  • Step 2: Log into your account and locate the cashier section to load wagering cash. Notably, the amount of money you deposit will center around how much you want to wager and the welcome bonus you wish to get. Therefore, if you want more boot money, see to it that you load a significant amount of cash.
  • Step 3: Search for the Jhandi Munda game from the gaming dashboard’s games category and click to launch it. Alternatively, if the game doesn’t show, search for Crown and Anchor. Accomplishing that will take you to a different page with the game. While there, start the game and stake.
  • Step 4: The game’s systems will produce six dices. Pick the side of each dice that you feel will fall facing up after all of them roll. Impeccably, the dices will each have symbols made up of Flag, Heart, Diamond, Club, Face, and Spade. Therefore, your payout will be subject to the number of correct characters you pull off.

Basic Rules For Playing Online Jhandi Munda

Now that you understand how to play Jhandi Munda in India, you also need to catch on to the game rules. Here are the primary directives you should observe:

  1. A dice’s symbol must face up to win you a reward.
  2. The payout is based on the number of dice predicted correctly.
  3. The game will always have six dices.
  4. The game pays out up to 7 times the size of the stake.
  5. Playing the game with bonus cash is subject to wagering requirements.
  6. The Jhandi Munda free version does not reward real cash.
  7. One correctly predicted symbol pays 1 time the size of the stake
  8. Two correctly predicted symbols reward 2 times the size of the stake.
  9. Three correctly predicted symbols pay 3 times the size of the stake.
  10. Four correctly predicted symbols reward 4 times the size of the stake.
  11. Five correctly predicted symbols pay 5 times the size of the stake.
  12. Six correctly predicted symbols reward 6 times the size of the stake.

Play Live Jhandi Munda with Real Dealers

Notably, playing Jhandi Munda with a live dealer boosts the gaming experience of loads of gamblers. The best part about playing the game with a live dealer is that you will stream the game in clear 4K and HD video quality. In the same vein, it creates room for players to connect and stake against each other, regardless of where they are worldwide. 

Most gamblers believe playing a live game is the better option. More so, it allows players to see the game in real-time, boosting their confidence to wager. At the same time, live Jhandi Munda lets you interact with the dealer through the gaming interface. That makes the game somewhat realistic. 

On the other hand, a live Jhandi Munda game empowers you with the hot and cold symbols to watch. That is handy information you can use to help you take a stand about increasing or decreasing your stakes’ amount. Luckily, you can still let your computer choose the symbols for you by clicking the “auto-pick” functionality.

Jhandi Munda

Play Your Favorite Jhandi Munda Games On Mobile

The good news to all Jhandi Munda gamblers is that the game is playable on a mobile phone. In other words, there is a variety of downloadable software specifically designed to play the game. The best part is you can get the apps for free from Google Play Store. 

Alternatively, most well-known casino sites like FUN88 offer a dedicated free gaming app you can download from Google or iOS. Achieving that means you will access not only Jhandi Munda on the phone but also other casino games such as Teen Patti and Blackjack. To sweeten this deal, playing at a mobile app eliminates the limitations of playing when you are at home only. As it is, it allows you to stake and possibly win even when you are on a journey, provided you have wagering cash and reliable internet. Tap here to start playing the game on the mobile app at FUN88 today.

Play Jhandi Munda For Free Or Real Money

As a matter of choice, Jhandi Munda is playable for real cash or free. But wait, what does the difference come in as far as the two come into play? Well, playing the free or demo version of Jhandi Munda doesn’t require you to stake any money. In most cases, the game is meant for fun or to sharpen your wagering skills. More so, you can learn the game and test different strategies before staking your hard-earned cash. 

On the other hand, the real cash Jhandi Munda game targets gamblers seeking to make profits. Basically, you must place a wager with actual money to get returns. Still, you can earn a reward assuming you stake with free cash you receive as bonuses.

Why Jhandi Munda Is The Favorite Game For Indian Gamblers?

You are certainly wondering why Jhandi Munda is closest to most Indian gamblers’ hearts. Well, besides the benefits like the game being playable on a mobile phone that you already know, Jhandi Munda has added extras you will undoubtedly love. They include:

Easy bet choice: The betting options at Jhandi Munda are a huge plus to this game. There is not much to analyze apart from deciding the betting chips you will stake.

Friendly house edge: Remarkably, a friendly house edge goes a long way to help you win better returns. And as a piece of luck, the house edge on Jhandi Munda is 2.86, giving gamblers a chance to take home a more reasonable reward than in other casino games.

Bonuses: Playing Jhandi Munda for real cash at a lucrative site gives you room to wager with incentives and still win massive prizes. And being the game is playable with bonuses, you enjoy more and have better chances than gamblers who always stake real money.

Free version: Jhandi Munda providers don’t fall short of offering a free version to the game. That means you can play the game even when you lack real cash. Ideally, the free mode gameplay seeks to help novices learn and practice how to wager effectively. As for the versed gamblers, they can also play the free version for fun with friends.

Compatibility: Jhandi Munda is playable on both smartphones and tablets, unlike other casino games accessible on desktop only. And regardless of the size of your device’s screen, Jhandi Munda is optimized to fit well. That means you will enjoy gaming seamlessly, without worry about the game overlapping on the playing interface.

Table choice: The liberty to pick a playing table in Jhandi Munda makes the game unique. To a fare-thee-well, a limited number of casino gameplays offer such let-off to gamblers.

Terms And Conditions To Play Online Jhandi Munda

Like any other casino game, online Jhandi Munda also has terms and conditions to play. Below are some of the regulations you will come across in most gaming brands:

  1. A player can use hot and cold symbols to decide how to stake.
  2. A player should not open a gaming account to play Jhandi Munda on behalf of another person.
  3. An online casino reserves the right to cross a Jhandi Munda player’s account without paying out winnings.
  4. A player should not attempt to open a gaming account if their jurisdiction prohibits playing online casino games.
  5. A player is sorely responsible for securing their password and account in general.
  6. A player should meet the set minimum age threshold to open a gaming account.
  7. A player cannot reclaim their cash after staking on Jhandi Munda.
  8. A player engaging in illegal activities and harassing other gamblers will see their accounts terminated.
  9. A player should not use martingale strategies to play the games.
  10. A player should not sell or transfer ownership of their gaming account to a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the site you use. Ideally, playing the game on a legit and audited site spells that your cash and credentials will always be safe.

Yes. Your earnings will always be subject to a 30% tax and a 10% surcharge before the withdrawal.

It is impossible to cheat in the game since reliable gaming sites encrypt the game’s software and features with well-equipped structures.

Yes. You can use the Hot or Cold number symbols tweak where the Hot number will show the sides that face up more often while the Cold number will be for those that are hard to come by.

Well, that depends on your bankroll and preference. However, the game’s wagering limits are friendly to suit low bettors.

The return to player, which represents the winning you can get after staking, is about 97.14. That is relatively decent for a game of this nature.


Online Jhandi Munda is an easy and exciting game to play online and win, as you can tell from this article. More so, it brings exemplary enjoyment if you wager with a phone, thanks to the advancement in its technology. And when you double that with the rewards and low house edge, the game turns out to be a must-play to loads of gamblers. Now, you are at an added advantage to play the game for real cash better than scores of other punters. So, register at FUN88 or any variant site sowing on this page and get cracking on Jhandi Munda wagering.