Online Mahjong games are fun to watch and play with friends. Their popularity is notable globally, thanks to the thousands of people taking part in the games’ different versions available. Unusually, Mahjong receives a decent reception due to its ease to play nature. Similarly, its user-friendliness is best seen when you wager against friends and bag great cash prizes.

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Now, the catch to win in online Mahjong is you understand how the game takes place. The good news is this game guide wants to loop you to become a pro and pocket some cash. Read on to find out more, but also look at other gaming brands below. You can rack freebies and rewards on Mahjong. Sign up in any of them and start wagering with bonuses.

Top 3 Mahjong Casinos Of 2021

What Is Online Mahjong?

Mahjong is an ancient game from china with over 100 years of existence. It takes place with about144 tiles, but its uniqueness and the element of chance demands players to utilize skill and tactic to win. The game wears differently spelled Chinese names like Mah-jong, Mahjongg, etc. The tiles again have groups that include Suits, Honour, and Flower. 

Luckily, today Mahjong has evolved and is available in multiple versions. The rules are somewhat similar across the variations, challenging a player to match identical tiles. Additionally, the game can host up to four participants and is also playable with a live dealer in online casinos.

Traits Of A Site For Playing Mahjong For Real Money


There are thousands of Indian gaming sites providing gamblers with an opportunity to play Mahjong for real cash, but rogue platforms still exist. Consequently, always strive to choose the best online casinos to minimize the risks of losing money. Below are few traits to look out for when cherry-picking a site to use:

Gaming & Betting Licenses

A decent gaming site should possess a license from a renowned authorizing organization. Never sign up at a site lacking documentation since your credentials will be at risk of cons. Some of the licensing bodies to look out for from offshore casinos are the likes of the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, etc.

Mahjong - Gaming & Betting Licenses

Rewards and Bonuses

Always go for sites issuing Incentives. Most gaming brands display their freebie lobby at the home or bonus page. You will see the likes of signup bonuses, cashback rewards, etc. Importantly, read and understand the terms and conditions for collecting and using the giveaways. Reason? A huge bonus may come with high stakes demands, which may be unreasonable to the risks involved.

Rewards And Bonuses

Payment options

Most gaming sites will put out their depositing and withdrawing channels at the cashier section of all gamers’ accounts. If you have a specific preference like cards or e-wallets, it is worth checking if the methods are available. You also need to probe the transaction charges since some brands’ fees are significantly high.

Payment Options


Always strive to scour for trustworthy and dependable sites to play online Mahjong. Achieving that saves you unforeseen glitches such as long withdrawal durations and manipulated games that deny you the chance to win. You can read reviews of the site online to get a brief feel of its services.



Online games often pose security gaps to hackers. It is therefore prudent to choose online sites guaranteeing the safety of your cash and information. An excellent gaming platform should have SSL encryption mechanisms to ensure customers’ money and details are always safe.


Customer support

An excellent gaming platform should be available 24/7. The staff should be professionals, ready to address gamers’ queries timely. In the same breath, the brand ought to have multiple communication channels that are easily accessible.

Customer support

How Can You Play Mahjong Online?

Mahjong being a card game, it profoundly relies on a few things to play well. Here are a few simple steps you should follow while playing online:

  • Step 1: Sign up at certified and secure sites like FUN88 to collect the incentives and ensure your cash safety while wagering. After your account is verified, deposit some money to get the welcome perk. 
  • Step 2: Search for the Mahjong version you want from the games lobby. The classic game consists of 144 tiles, but there are other variations with 136 tiles or even 152 tiles. We will discuss some of the best to choose later in this piece.
  • Step 3: Start the game and place a wager. Remember to be strategic and skillful to maximize your possible payout but being watchful of your bankroll.
  • Step 4: The dealer will give you 13 or 16 tiles from the wall. Assuming it is a multiplayer game, all participants will get their share of tiles. Then, all players should draw a tile and discard another facing upwards. Remember, other players can pick from your discarded tiles. You will earn points for each combination you form, and winning boils to the number of correct matches you create, also known as melds, chows, pungs, or kongs. 
  • Step 5: Each time you form a winning combination, you should call out “Mahjong.” There are rules set to the number of tiles “melds” and a pair of suit or hand qualifying a win during the game, depending on the version you play. 
  • Step 6: All players’ scores are calculated at the end of the game’s rounds, which are often 16 in total. The participant with the highest tally wins “14 tiles“. Sign up to play Mahjong at FUN88 Casino here and try your luck.

Winning Strategies To Play Mahjong Online

Frankly, it would help if you had some strategy to win a Mahjong game. Nothing fruitful will come your way if you lack a plan. Below are the tweaks you should hack. 

  1. Match free tiles first: The end tiles should be your first goal to match. Achieving that will create a way for the inner ones. If you spot a locked pair, leave it until it is open.
  2. Match tiles horizontally: Vertical tiles are often easy to form pairs. And considering you will be competing against other players, focus on working on the hard part, then finish with the easy matches. 
  3. Open your eyes wide: Having an exceptionally keen eye will help you identify pairs that will free most tiles. Try to look for a couple of moves ahead. Ideally, matching the wrong pairs can block your way to pair others later. 
  4. Practice the game: Mahjong has multiple versions, but playing all of them for real cash is unnecessary. Therefore, pick a few variations and play their free versions to learn the drills and strategies. 
  5. Play at trusted sites: Playing Mahjong for real cash demands you use a legit gaming brand. That is the only way you will be sure of fair gameplay.

Variations Of Online Mahjong

As indicated earlier, Mahjong has multiple variations. Here are some of the gameplays you will come across online:

Classical Chinese

This is the oldest version of the game and hosts four players. When playing with flowers, the wall will be 18 tiles in length, and if not, it will be 17 tiles. The wall is made up of 14 tiles aside after the tiles have been dealt.

The Japanese Mahjong

It is also called Riichi. The game uses a total of 136 tiles and hosts four players. The tiles are divided into five suites. Each player starts with a score of between 20000 and 30000 but winning the game requires a pair of four groups with three tiles.

The Singaporean Mahjong

This version uses 148 tiles, but the rules are like those in classical Chinese Mahjong. Gamers get 18 tiles each, while the dealer has 19 stacks and the player opposite the dealer has 19 tiles. Fifteen tiles make up the dead wall.

The American version

This version has numbered symbols. A winner results from forming a hand of 14 tiles. The game takes place with 152 tiles and 2 dice but can include 4 scoring cards or coins.

Basic Rules To Play Mahjong Game

Familiarizing yourself with basic rules for the Mahjong online game ensures you maximize your chances to win. And although the guidelines differ among the different versions, some rules cut across. Below are those you will use in most of the games:

  1. A typical game has 4 players.
  2. The 4 square wall uses 34 tiles each, and the 136/152 tiles are shuffled face down.
  3. The dealer throws the dice to determine the turn order, and it rotates anticlockwise. 
  4. In a clockwise direction, the dealer leads the players to draw 13 tiles around the wall.
  5. A player can draw or claim the previous player’s discarded tile at the beginning of each turn.
  6. A player can discard a tile from their hand at the end of a turn.
  7. To complete chows, kungs, or pungs, other players can claim the discarded tile.
  8. If the players don’t make claims, the turn passes in anticlockwise order. 
  9. The moment a winning hand of 4 sets and a pair collected, a player wins
  10. It is a draw if no player wins when all walls are finished.

Play Mahjong With Live Dealers

Playing live Mahjong online means you wager under the supervision of a human rather than computer systems. More so, live gameplay implies players see the happenings on the game in real-time, like in a land-based gaming house setup. 

Live dealers are professionals mandated to oversee the game. Their work is to issue tiles, instructions, and winnings. Nothing much changes when you opt to play with a live dealer instead of the computerized version. But again, a live game often eliminates gamers’ doubts in terms of the shuffling and issuing of tiles. 

A good internet connection is necessary for a decent live Mahjong gaming experience. The icing on the cake is you will always have your say when deciding the live dealer to oversee your session. Overall, playing Mahjong with a live dealer is thrilling and worth trying it out.

Tips For Playing Online Mahjong

Playing Mahjong can be breezy for experienced gamblers, but the experience may be lousy for novices. Here are some of the tips you should use to get a head start:

  • Always keep your hand a secret: Be careful not to give away many details when separating your tiles into groups. Arrange your tiles skillfully and in an unobvious manner to confuse your opponents. 
  • Elevate your memorizing skills: Playing the game is easier when using a reference sheet. But again, doing so undoubtedly slows you down. That’s when the memory comes in. Ideally, ensure you memorize the basics and work your way up to gunner the points you need. The process can be challenging, but with time and practice, you will be sharp at it.
  • Be flexible with your strategy: Don’t always stick to one wagering tactic. Be flexible to notice when better opportunities appear. But again, never forget the game’s goal is to complete your melds and beat other players. 
  • Think about Your strategy: Study your hand before making any moves. Achieving that will help you know how to complete your melds. Also, always remember gaming is a race and your reaction time and choices are crucial factors to win the game. 
  • Look out for the discard pile: Assessing the discarded tiles can help you decide your next move and reduce your chances of helping your opponent match tiles. Therefore, check what is on the table critically right off. 

Online Mahjong For Real Money vs. Free

There are instances you can play the free Mahjong version as well as for real cash. But wait, what are their differences? Check below:

Real money Mahjong

  • Require you to sign up at an online casino site.
  • Games cannot be downloaded.
  • Requires you to stake real cash.
  • Rewards in real cash.
  • Games are regularly audited.
  • Games are playable with a live dealer.

Free Mahjong

  • It’s available in downloadable apps on Google but can be played online.
  • Games don’t reward real cash.
  • They lack live dealer gameplay.
  • No signup or gaming account is required to play.
  • It’s mainly meant for fun or learning the game’s drill.
  • Wagers use virtual fake money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by building the four walls. Tiles are dealt to the three players only. Charleston is not available; East discarding a tile begins the game.

Yes. You may take a Joker from an exposure whether you are playing a concealed or an exposed hand.

Yes. The only time you may pick up a discard when playing a Concealed Hand is after calling a tile for Mahjong.

Once it is fully named or the tile has been placed on the table, you commit to discarding a tile.

The player that is next in turn to play. Usually, the one nearest to the discarder gets the preference If two players call a tile for Mahjong simultaneously.


Online Mahjong games are leisure activities for social interaction and bringing people together. You can again make the gameplays a fun new hobby to play with friends and earn cash. As seen in this writing, the different variations give you the options you can wager if making money is your ultimate goal. But first, you need a gaming account at a trustworthy site. Our recommendation is you sign up at FUN88. That is the best platform to ensure you get bonuses and play with friendly terms and conditions.