Online slots are machine games taking up the most significant share of online casino games. Frankly, that is a clear indication of their popularity among online gamblers globally. Today, you can enjoy loads of casino games on your desktop or smartphone effortlessly. 

In the same breath, you can get free cash and spins to wager on the games in FUN88 Casino after signing up. In fact, the site honors new gamers with up to 30,000 rupees as a bonus on the first deposit and a 50% boost to the second bunch of cash they load into their gaming wallet. On top of that, you only need to deposit at least 1000 rupees to play online slots risk-free. Join FUN88 here to enjoy the games. 

What you may not know is there are multiple types of online slots you will see on the internet. But the good news is, this article aims to make you acquainted with all there are in the online gambling market. What is more, you will learn about the rules and the bonuses you can collect to play the games. While scrolling down, below are other cherry-picked gaming brands you can play thousands of slot machines with free spins. Register in any of them to see the incentives. 

India’s Top Slot Casinos

India’s Top Online Slot Machine Casino – How To Choose The Right One

Zeroing in on the best gaming platform to play online slot machines can be a tedious undertaking. While there are many casinos, some of them don’t offer slot gameplay, and worst, others are rogue. So, how, and what can you check to qualify your pick?

Number of games

There are hundreds of slot games online. However, a few casinos offer an impressive list of gameplays. As a result, you should search for a gaming brand with many machines, if not all of them. Fulfilling that will ensure you are spoilt for choice and can enjoy maximumly.

Payment duration

Clearly, you will like to access your winnings speedily after a successful gaming session. It would also be senseless to deposit wagering cash & wait for hours before it reflects in your gaming account. That said, scour for sites processing cash instantly or swiftly for both deposits & withdrawals.


A secure casino platform is paramount in online gaming. Remarkably, it eliminates the likelihood of losing your details, funds, and other vital information. With that, you should go with sites with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption or nifty cybercrime security mechanisms.


Ideally, wagering on slot games entails spinning reels that you must buy first. In other words, you must purchase the rounds you wish to play or, better still, get them at no cost. On that account, the casino you pick should give and allow you to play the games with free spins or cash tokens. A welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and VIP bonus are some of the freebies you should receive.

Games providers

As there are numerous games, so there are the developers. The sad truth is, some of the slot software providers create low-quality games with high returns to players (RTPs). Due to that, gamers end up drowning in shoddy graphics, themes, and reduced payouts. On the better side, go for sites offering slots from renowned developers such as Play’N Go or BetSoft Gaming.

Transaction channels

Online gaming supports loads of cash transferring options you can use. Even so, some slot casinos lack a decent list of banking methods you can utilize. Consequently, only favor brands allowing you to deposit and withdraw cash via wire bank transfer, VISA, Mastercard, and various e-wallets like Google Pay (GPay), Skrill, and Neteller.

Play Online Slots For Real Money

The fascinating bit about slot machines is you can play them for real cash and pocket some serious profits. You can participate in the games’ different types at FUN88 Casino. Better still, wager with free spins. Currently, the gaming brand gives new players 88 free spins to kick off their slot gaming adventures. 

More so, after signing up, you can open the slots lobby and try your luck in scores of games. The beauty of it all is in the different designs, themes, storylines, and sound effects. On top of that, some of the games will have special features to help you earn more rewards. Overall, playing online slots for real cash is a solid deal if you want to get a kick out of the games and add some money into your wallet. Tap here to play slots at FUN88.

Play online slots for real money

Online Slot Machine – How To Play Slots Online

You probably want to play the best online slots but aren’t versed in how to go about it. Well, worry not. The process is breezy, and you can grasp it right off. Next are the simple steps to follow: 

  • Step 1: Cherry-pick a gaming brand, assessing the factors mentioned above, and sign up. Hold back for some time as your credentials undergo a verification process. Later the site will give you access to the games lobby.
  • Step 2: Once your account is up and running, log in and bank some cash into the gaming wallet. Most online casinos on this page, including FUN88, will permit you to deposit for free. 
  • Step 3: Now, go back to the games category and select the slot machine you deem fit. 
  • Step 4: The gaming screen will appear, filled with the game and its playing buttons at the bottom. At this point, check the paytable, which ideally shows each symbol’s value and what you should look out for to win handsomely. 
  • Step 5: Decide how much cash you wish to stake and the number of paylines to play. Under the best of circumstances, you can select the “max bet” button to select all the paylines instantly. 
  • Step 6: Click the “spin” button to commence the game. The machine’s reels will start spinning, displaying your rewards every time a winning combination appears. In the same vein, it will often produce special characters called wilds and scatters. Ideally, the unique symbols will be a shot in the arm to award bonus spins to boost your winnings.
  • Step 7: The game will end after the special characters stop appearing and your wagering cash depletes. More so, the machine will calculate your overall prize per payline and stake before paying you. You can then withdraw or better wager again.

Popular Type Of Slot Machines

The beauty of playing slots online is you will always be spoilt for choice. And thanks to the numerous games’ software developers, the games come in different designs and styles. Let’s look at what you can wager:

Classic Slots

These games center on the conventional gaming machines at land-based casinos. They are arguably the easiest to play and land a winning combination.

Five Reel Slots

These gameplays are advancements of the classic slots. Their visuals are more intriguing. Similarly, the paylines are many, and the rewards higher.

Mobile slots

These are gameplays playable on smartphones or tablets without losing their visual effects. As a result, they allow gamblers to enjoy wagering even while on the move.

Progressive Slots

These games are similar to five reel slots but have smaller chances of winning. However, they have jackpot rewards, which increase each time there is no winner; hence you should expect a massive win prize if you triumph.

Mega Slots

These gameplays are somewhat in the style of progressive slots. The disparity is they allow gamblers to play several slot games at casinos on the same screen at once.

Multi-payline Slots

These games are unusual in that they come with numerous paylines and rewards in multiple ways. Ideally, a winning combination can be diagonal, straight, V-shaped, or zig-zag.


These are online slot games with unique features to multiply winnings. The best part is, the components can increase winnings up to as much as 100 times the standard prize.

What Are The Rules To Play Slots Online In India?

You now know how to play the game, what about the terms and conditions you should follow? There are a few guidelines you must abide by to play effectively, with less risk and glitches. The rules include: 

  1. All new players must create a gaming account by signing up at a reputable online casino
  2. A player should deposit some cash in the gaming account before wagering. 
  3. A player must set the paylines before commencing the game. 
  4. Rewards only result from landing winning combinations. 
  5. All games are subject to a return to player (RTP). 
  6. A player cannot get back wagering cash after staking and commencing the game. 
  7. A player should be above the set age limit to play the games. 
  8. Some casino bonuses aren’t usable in wagering on slot machines. 
  9. The casino sites set conditions for withdrawing winnings from bonus cash wagers. 
  10. The casino site can terminate an account if a player breaches the terms and conditions for playing.

Why Slots Are Becoming Popular Among Indian Players?

The convenience factor of playing slot machines is unmatched. So, what do you stand to benefit by taking part in the games? Here are some of the extras you will get:

Games availability: The huge number of slot gameplay present online means you will never have a dull day. Remarkably, you can play at any time, unlike live casino games that often lock out players. 

Bonuses: Slot games are playable with almost all the incentives available at an online casino. Unless a freebie mandates you to use it on specific games, slots bonuses are ideal for helping you wager risk-free. 

Flexible stake: Machine games allow gamblers to choose the amount of paylines to wager. That way, you can pick a few or numerous lines, provided you have enough wagering cash. Still, the betting limits are friendly, suiting both low and high bettors. 

Simple gameplay: Looking at card games, you need strategy and intense knowledge to hack a win. But in slots, you simply stake and wait for the machine to produce results. Consequently, you don’t have to waste time learning arduous strategies like card counting before wagering. 

Graphics and themes: Slots games come in different tweaks to suit different gamers’ interests. For example, if you love adventure, you will effortlessly find savanna or woodland gameplays to play.

Online Slot Strategies And Tips

We have mentioned that slot playing doesn’t require you to apply any challenging strategies to win. To prove that, below are simple tips you can use to surge your chances to win:

  • Use incentives: Bonuses are excellent tools to boost winning chances risk-free. And while the offers often have conditions you should fulfill, using them first would come in handy to meet the turnover requirements speedily. 
  • Scour for incentives with low turnover terms: Failing to meet the wagering requirements may hinder the liberty to withdraw winnings. And considering some offers have harsh conditions, search for bonuses allowing ample time to play. 
  • Manage your wagering cash: Never wager more than you are willing to lose. More so, set a limit of how much money you will spend on each gaming session or day. 
  • Avoid branded games: The cost of licensing a branded slot game is often higher than ordinary gameplay. As a result, the developers come up with lower RTPs to recover the expenses, which eventually eats into your possible winnings. 
  • Select the games skillfully: Ideally, slot machines have volatility levels, which dictate how the game will payout. Consequently, you will see gameplays with low, medium, and high volatility and should pick those you feel comfortable and confident to play.

Claim Bonuses Online By Playing Slots

By now, you are probably pondering over what bonuses you can get when playing slots online. Well, wonder no more. Below are the offers: 

Welcome Bonus

This will be your initial token after becoming a member at a gaming site. It will arrive as a match of your first deposit.

Match bonus

This is issued after banking wagering cash in a gaming site for the second time. You can get it a couple of times.

VIP bonus

This giveaway results from being a diehard player at a site. You will get it after spending a set amount of cash on wagers.

Device bonus

This one arrives after downloading the app of the site you use to play online games. However, it is a one-off offer.

Free spins

These offers often come alone, with the welcome bonuses or any other incentives. They are usable on slot games only.

No deposit bonus

No deposit offers come without depositing wagering cash. You will receive it as part of a promotion on the site.

Mobile Slot Games To Play Online In India

Mobile slots are the heaven for players seeking to enjoy gameplay remotely. More so, by merely having a smartphone and an internet connection, a gambler can access games from anywhere, any time. And thanks to the technological advancements in the development of machines, most games come in full HD video quality, allowing you a crystal view. 

Notably, slot machines themes vary. They range from horror slots, movie slots, adventure slots, music slots, Alien slots, space slots, to so much more. But again, all of them are available to play on mobile, the same way you would on a computer. The thrill and convenience become even more when playing on a phone since you will only need to tap the device’s touch screen instead of using a mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive jackpot slot and those with high RTP reward best.

The reels utilize Random Number Generators (RNGs) that ensure every symbol appearing on the screen is random.

The classic reel slots are deemed the best since they have fewer paylines for a novice to understand.

Yes. There are demo machine games that you can play for fun or to practice.

No, free gameplays are available online from real game developers’ sites or gambling platforms. 

That depends on your luck in the game. Gameplay can go on and on for hours on a good day, assuming you keep landing the winning combination and don’t deplete your stake.


Well, that’s all you need to know as far as slot machines are of concern. The crux of the matter is you try the free games first if you need some exposure before wagering real cash. As you can see, the list of gameplays is impressive and covers a wide range of themes. More so, taking part in a few games that suit your preference will be like going for a holiday. Now, if you are ready to try your luck, we recommend you sign up at FUN88 Casino to start playing for real cash. A wide array of freebies awaits you on the other side of the fence.