Teen Patti online game brings a unique gaming experience to the casino gaming world. As it is, we can all reckon that card contests can be intriguing, right? The vim and vigour, unpredictability, suspense, and the kicker add to the stimulation. Now imagine having fun that tickles your adventure craving and pays too. Well, Teen Patti is that phenomenal entertainment piece you want to be part of, and lucky you, today is the day you absorb all there is to know about this impressive game.

Teen Patti, also famously known as Flush, is a native Indian card game that has spread and is now celebrated all through the South Asian region. At FUN88 Casino, the game is a simplified modification of the three-card poker you can bag thousands of rupees in a single day. What is more, you can wager on it with giveaways while being subjected to friendly wagering terms and conditions. Become a pro on the game by playing at FUN88 here.

But wait, wouldn’t it be unreasonable to tell you about the game and fail to mention how you can enjoy it and earn profits? Well, this article aims to make you a master of the Teen Patti game. The name Teen Patti is a derivative of the dialect Teen Patti, meaning three cards. And by a piece of luck, we have the perfect spots for you to log in and have yourself some Teen Patti adventure. The sites you see below are where you ought to sign up to make your dreams of adding cash to your wallet a reality. Join any to start playing today.

Renowned Casinos To Play Teen Patti For Real cash

How To Play Teen Patti Games Online?

If you know video poker, then grasping how to play real money Teen Patti will be a walk in the park. Firstly, you should understand that the game is enjoyed by three to six players who use a 52-card pack, excluding the two joker cards. Below is how you proceed to play it after signing up and depositing wagering cash:

  • Step 1: Place your stake, depending on your bankroll, terms for the game, and the number of players taking part. The boot cash is gathered from each player and placed inside a pot, sitting on the table’s centre. The dealer then deals each player three cards facing down.
  • Step 2: Decide whether to play blind (not looking at the cards), or by unveiling them. The next move is you declare your stand, call, fold, or a raise. Ideally, a call means you will continue in the game and not increase your bet. In contrast, a raise means you will top up some cash into the wagering pot, risking your final winnings or losses at the end of the game. Folding implies you aren’t willing to proceed with the game, which leads to losing your stake.
  • Step 3: Come up with the highest-ranking hand to win against the other participants before displaying your cards on the playing table. If you are successful, you collect a reward. Otherwise, you lose to any other player who forms the top hand. Luckily, if all players fold and you remain alone, you will win the game automatically. The winnings you receive boil to the site you use and the house edge.

For example, if Player A bets 2000 rupees, and player B bets 4000 rupees on the same gaming round, Player A must stake 4000 rupees to match up the 4000 rupees placed by the other participant, and not 2000 rupees to cover the difference. With simple mathematics, the pot’s amount will keep growing with every raise, making the winning more lucrative. The winner becomes the last player standing with the best or highest hand.

Features To Assess Before You Play Teen Patti In India

Remarkably, knowing the game is but only the beginning. Where you decide to play will be the determinant of your success in the game. Below are a few traits an excellent site offering real money Teen Patti must have:

  1. Top of the line casino game providers: You need a casino with the crop’s creme and the tech-savvy syndicates known to provide the best-designed games in the market. If you see a site having game providers like iSoftBet, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go, Microgaming, and GGPoker, among others, you are in the right place.
  2. Certification and licenses: You MUST ensure the site you are about to jump right into is legal. You can achieve that by checking their licensing documents at the bottom of its pages. Indian legitimate sites must have a permit from the UK Gambling Commission, the Man Online Regulation, and certifications from the Gambling Associate and the BeGamble Aware.org or any other relevant body.
  3. Secure betting: Your transactions must be protected at all costs. Therefore, the site you play at should encrypt all data relayed through the platform; otherwise, you are better off looking for an alternative. On this account, look for SSL encryption and secure money transfer channels, which are well-known globally.
  4. Incentives: When playing casino games, you should enjoy a bit of lift-me-up sometimes. And when looking at real money Teen Patti Casino, you ought to receive freebies to be a shot on the arm to play risk-free. Consequently, look out for sign-up bonuses and match-deposit promos to kick start a thrilling gaming adventure.
  5. Transaction channels: Lastly, look at the options you have to make deposits and withdrawals. The more there are, the better and more successful your transactions will be. As a result, search for a gaming brand with bank transfer methods, Neteller, GPay, ecoPayz, AstroPay, Skrill, Mastercard, bitcoin, Net Banking, etc. To save you the hassle of scouring around the market, FUN88 Casino support the best payment methods in online gaming. Sign up via this link.

Why You Should Play Teen Patti At Our Recommended Casino

Indeed, you are now asking yourself why you should play Teen Patti at our recommended casino. Well, there are loads of goodies you will relish. Below are some of the things you will get a kick out of the site:

Games: Every gameplay on FUN88 has been modelled and designed by the world’s best software developers. Evolution gaming, ISoftBet, Microgaming, and SuperSpade are some of the top partners on board. Expect nothing but a plain-sailing playing experience of Teen Patti and other games on the site. Additionally, the games are responsive and appealing to the eye even when you play on mobile or tablet.

Bonuses: The sign-up bonus is an incredible 200% bonus of up to 30,000 rupees. And to qualify for this, you must deposit at least 1000 into your account. But that is not all. You will also receive deposit bonuses that consecutively follow on your next deposits in addition to a maximum cashback of 8,000 rupees. Isn’t that incredible?

Wagering requirements: The wagering prerequisites set forth on the site allows wagering giveaways fifteen times in thirty days for all wagers. Once you meet these requirements, you can comfortably withdraw your winnings or, better yet, use that profit to place bets on your next gaming round. This duration invokes an encouraging time limit to utilize the offers and fully enjoy the incentives given.

Customer support: The FUN88 support team is reachable via live chat or email at [email protected]. Whatever glitch you face, the dedicated team of customer care agents will offer technical, financial, security, or any other apprehension. The best part is they are available for 16 hours a day from 8.00 am to 9 pm BST on working days.

Security: Any punter using FUN88 enjoys protection through IOVATION and UPI systems managing the cash transactions. All data transmitted through the site is SSL encrypted, secure from third-parties and fraudsters. As an additional safety measure, you need to key in your password every time you want to log into your gaming account.

Claim bonuses Online By playing Teen Patti

Every gambler wants a discount on something, so securing a bonus to help you wager on Teen Patti casinos is a great deal. So how do you get that boost? You can get the following rewards on FUN88.

Welcome bonus: Bonuses on FUN88 are scarce in general, but the welcome bonus is one of those you can get and use to play Teen Patti. This incentive is a one-off offer extended to newly signed up gamblers on the site. As it stands, a first-time registered customer gets 88 free spins and a 100% boost, which can go up to 30,000 rupees. More so, the offer can include a bonus code, making the overall giveaway massive.  

Deposit bonus: This bonus has the silver lining of earning a casino punter playing Teen Patti a 50% cash incentive on deposits. However, the offers’ limits reduce as the guarantees and loading cash progress. For example, the second 50%, while the third has a 25% bonus. And to reap the total benefit of these bonuses, you will have to part with a considerable amount of cash, but on the bright side, your gambling status improves, so why not?

Special device bonus: This offer is issued to players who use their phone to wager. Well, you need to own a gaming app to collect it. More so, the app is free to download and may come with other exclusive freebies and games. The good news is you don’t require a sophisticated smartphone to use the app as you can get it on the friendliest version on Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Cashback: This bonus is available on specific days and comes as a percentage. Ideally, gamblers get it as rejuvenation after suffering losses. However, the offer is subject to a maximum limit and is available to all regular gamblers.

Rules For Playing Teen Patti

Like any other game, Teen Patti has rules you should adhere to when playing. Luckily, nothing is harrowing to scare you away. Here are some of those you should consent to:

  1. Betting starts with the player on the dealer’s left side and proceeds clockwise.
  2. A blind player stakes the table’s amount and cannot exceed more than double that stake. 
  3. The Chaal bets are twice the current stake but cannot exceed more than four times the current ante.
  4. A trail, also a trio, is a set of three cards of the same rank. The worst group has three twos, and the best has three ace cards.
  5. A straight-run is having three cards similar in a suit, such as A-2-3, which is the highest run. It is then followed by A-K-Q, K-Q-J, which keeps going until the lowest run, 4-3-2. 
  6. A normal run is essentially like a straight run, but the cards are not of the same suit.
  7. Colour is a trio of any array of cards of the same suit. The lowest colour is 5-3-2, while the highest is A-K-J.
  8. A pair includes two cards of a similar rank. Here, you compare the initial couple first and then proceed to the odd card if the first pair is equal. The lowest pair is 2-2-3, while the highest is A-A-K.
  9. A high card is a collection of three cards that is not any of the types described above. In this case, you start by comparing the highest cards first and finish with the lowest. The worst collection of high cards would be 5-3-2, and the best would be A-K-J.
  10. A high hand is superior to a low hand; for instance, a low run 4-3-2 is better than the best colour A-K-J.

Tips For Playing Teen Patti Game

All gamblers are duty-bound to use some strategy when wagering on the best Teen Patti casino to be successful. The nagging question is, what tweaks can you adopt to play effectively. The following is what you ought to do:

Play the demo version

Learning and practicing the game for free loops you to gain exposure and confidence. In the same vein, it helps you boost your wagering skill while trying out and absorbing new ones risk-free.

Use incentives

You now know some of the freebies you can get while playing at certified and licensed sites. The challenge is up to you to ensure you collect as bonuses much as you can and use them skillfully. Achieving that will grace you to meet the wagering terms and avoid inconveniences and discrepancies when withdrawing reward.

Wager with small stakes

It is advisable to place small bets on the game, especially if you are a novice. Don’t assume that staking huge sums of cash guarantees you a win. The chances are often 50/50. More so, start with minimal wagers and increase them, depending on how the game fruitions in your favor.

Study other players

It is always wise to weigh your opponent’s hand before making a move, regardless of how high you think your hand is. A decent way to attain that is you play along and wait until most of the other players fold and the pot’s cash increases exponentially. Often, play blind as it intimidates your opponents gives you an upper hand.

Play Teen Patti Live With A Real Dealer

Playing Teen Patti with a live dealer is an experience out of this world. It gives you an authentic feel of what you can expect if you visit a land-based casino to play teen Patti for real cash. In other words, a live Teen Patti gives you command and allows you to wager in real-time. 

More so, the dealing and shuffling of cards and placing of bets takes place under your view, thanks to the multi-angled HD cameras mounted on the playing table. Still, the game gives you a chance to interact with the live dealer and other participants, making your gaming experience realistic. Overall, the playing interface will have sections and buttons you can use to chat, make prompts, or adjust the game’s settings to your preference.

Top Payment Methods Available In India To Play Teen Patti?

Of course, there are scores of payment methods used in online gaming. But we have cherry-picked some of the best you can utilize. They include:

Google Pay

Depositing cash via Google Pay to play the online Teen Patti game is feasible and free at FUN88. Surprisingly, making a transaction through this channel is breezy as the instructions are straightforward on the gaming’ interface.


This is a dedicated Indian paying channel you can use to deposit cash to your gaming account. Additionally, after creating a Paytm account, the platform qualifies you to collect and use promo codes on online games.


This is yet another remittance banking method, safe and dependable to deposit and withdraw cash from your betting wallet. PayPal is a renowned worldwide brand and is also usable for online shopping.


This is a world-class financial channel that allows punters to top up their betting account using their banking card. The good thing about utilizing a Mastercard is you will be depositing cash for free.

Every money transfer institution above has its set transactional fees that one must confirm first before using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Most sites, including FUN88, allow punters to practice the game for free.

Teen Patti is a game of chance, and you win by essentially following the rules and using some strategy.

Learning this game is a no-brainer as long as you understand the rules and card rankings.

Yes. You need to download a game via Google store or Apple store and play.

The game development algorithm has been calibrated to offer fair gameplay.

The house edge is around 97.90% but may vary from site to site.


Online Teen Patti is a game deserving your attention because of how uncomplicated it is. The gameplay is straightforward as long as you heed the above guidelines and practice. Now, you have all the info required to convert you to a pro gambler. The next part is a breeze affair to contest and win yourself some cash. So don’t get left behind; join the Fun88, and give it your best shot. Basically, you should sign up at the sites mentioned above, deposit cash to get the bonus before staking. Good luck and play responsibly.