Video poker is an interactive game that you can earn handsome profits for landing the correct hand combination. You can receive chunks of incentives in the same vein to grace you to wager risk-free and play a decent number of different versions, including the live dealer variation. 

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This article aims to keep you in the loop about playing video poker and winning. It will also take you through the different types of games you can play and the terms and conditions to abide by when wagering. Now, we would like you to explore other gaming brands we have cherry-picked for you below before reading on. Please become a member at any of them and scroll down.

India’s Leading Video Poker Casinos Of 2021

What Is Online Video Poker?

Online video poker is somewhat like a slot machine and takes place with the standard cards. The game’s objective is to form the most substantial hand or total card value. But again, the payouts for the game boil down to the version you play and the cash you wager. 

That aside, the game has multiple hands you can form from the five cards you receive. More so, the best hand will always be the Royal Flush, which comprises a suit of an Ace, Queen, King, Jack, and ten. The Straight Flush will closely follow that, made up of a suit of cards in sequence, such as 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 all hearts. 

There are also other hands such as the Four of a Kind consisting of four cards of a rank and any other firth card, the Full House made of a pair and three of a kind. Importantly, you should always note that an Ace can count from the lower end as one or the upper side as 11.

Play Online Video Poker

How To Play Real Money Video Poker Online?

Jumping off, you should understand there are loads of different real money video poker versions on the internet these days. Nevertheless, the good news is they all take place in an almost similar way. Below are the steps you ought to follow to place a wager on the game after signing up:

  • Step 1: Pick a version and decide how much cash you want to stake. Ideally, video poker uses coins to wager that are often called credits. In other words, you must select how much you want each coin to be worth and the number of credits you need. Alternatively, you can click on the auto bet button to stake one credit or the maximum amount in the game. 
  • Step 2: Press the ‘Deal’ button to get your hands on the first five wagering cards. You may receive the cards facing up or down, based on the video poker version you play. 
  • Step 3: At this point, you should decide which cards you want to keep and those you wish to discard. More so, there will be a Hold button under each card to help you make a choice. However, each card you discard will be replaced with another one until you become content you have the best possible five-card hand. 
  • Step 4: The payout will always show at the top of the game’s screen on the paytable. There, you will see the rewards for each hand, depending on the credits you stake. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about figuring out the value of your hand. The video poker systems will do the job for you by highlighting the best hand you can make from the five cards. 

Overall, the bigger your hand or total cards’ value, the higher your reward will be. For example, if you stake one coin and win with a Royal Flush bet, your winning will be 250 times. Assuming you wager five coins and land the same win, your prize will be 4000 times your credits.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Video Poker Casino

There are multiple advantages of playing video poker at the right gaming brands. Below are some of the unique privileges:

No fear of frauds: Remarkably, signing up to play video poker at a secure site eliminates loopholes for criminals to access your gaming interface. As a result, your cash and personal information are always safe, thanks to the utilization of SSL encryption and account password.

Play with small stakes: Minimum allowable stakes at online video poker casinos are much lower than those in brick and mortar casinos. Notably, you can stake as little as 100 rupees.

List of gameplays: It is no doubt online casinos offer more video poker games than land-based casinos. That means you will enjoy a significant number of different versions while collecting some rewards.

Use bonuses: The incentives available to play video poker online are massive and come in multiple forms. Presently, they are decent tools to help gamblers wager risk-free often and grow their bankroll from scratch.

Convenience: Playing video poker online means you don’t have to leave your home to visit the clouded gaming house. On account of that, you can comfortably sit in your home, drink your coffee while enjoying the games and making some cash.

Great payouts: The rewards and odds for most online video poker versions are impressive. On top of that, in the versions utilizing the Jack or Better systems, you can bag significant rewards for forming a hand with a pair of either jack or better.

Play Live Video Poker Games

Frankly, video poker gaming at FUN88 would be incomplete without the live versions. More so, live games are undoubted to satisfy skeptics that outcomes are randomly generated, providing a more realistic gaming experience. In other words, live video poker allows gamblers to live stream the game, see a live human dealer deal cards in real-time, and high definition video feeds. 

Luckily, the live games come from multiple developers such as Playtech Gaming and Evolution Gaming. You can try your luck in gameplays such as 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold ’em, Caribbean Stud, among others. Nevertheless, the rules, odds, and payouts to whatever the live game you play may differ from its counterpart, but the principle to wager is often similar across the board. Join FUN88 to play live games.

How Do You Deposit And Withdraw Money In Video Poker Casinos?

There are a bunch of ways you can deposit and withdraw at online gambling platforms. Below is a general approach you will find on most brands you see on this page: 


Remarkably, most of the gaming brands will allow you to load cash into your cashier for free. And to sweeten the deal, your funds will show instantly after authorizing the transaction but may take longer, depending on the banking method you apply. 

You should first log into your gaming account and head to the cashier section to initiate the depositing process. While there, you will spot multiple payment methods you can utilize to make the transaction successful. Ideally, the most common option will be wire bank transfer, VISA, and MasterCard. There will also be digital wallets such as Neteller, MuchBetter, ecoPayz, Skrill, among others. 

That aside, cherry-pick your preferred payment option and permit your banking provider to process the deposit. But again, remember, the cash you load should be above the set minimum allowable deposit to be successful. Otherwise, you may be unable to stake or receive a bonus, if any. 


After winning, it is time to cash out your reward. Now, make headway to the cashier section and click on the withdraw button. Afterward, you will see several withdrawal options, including those meant for depositing cash. Therefore, it is up to you to decide on the method you want to use. 

Notably, withdrawing cash from a gaming site often takes longer than when depositing. That is due to the transaction processes involved. More often than ever, cashing out takes one to two days to be successful, but the duration may be longer or sooner, based on the payment channel you utilize.

Different Types Of Online Video Poker

Most video poker casinos offer different types of the game revolving around exciting gameplays. The most significant challenge is identifying the best video poker games to play. Here are some gameplays you can try your luck on:

Deuces Wild

This version’s lowest payable hand is a three of a kind. Cards number 2 appear as Wild, and the full payout percentage is 100.8%.

Double Bonus Poker

This game is a Jacks and Better variation and offers an extra payout for landing four aces. The payout percentage is 100.2%.

Jacks or Better

This version is ideal for novices and pays out on a hand with a pair of jacks or better. The payout percentage is 99.5%.

Ace and Eights

This variation pays out on hand with four 7s, 8s, or aces. The payout percentage is 99.78%.

Jokers Poker

This game adds a joker to the deck that can substitute other cards. The deuces aren’t wild, which makes the game more like the Jack or Better version.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

This game pays a premium reward for four of a king wins, with two pairs earning you a similar prize to that of a single pair.

Double Double Bonus

This game version is somewhat similar to the Double Bonus game but pays better for forming a hand of four of a kind and a lower level card.

How Do You Win At Video Poker?

Understand the types of winning hands

Fine, playing video poker at Fun88 casino will furnish you with highlights of the hand you can form and possibly win. But again, you need to apprehend the ranking mechanism for each hand you play. Otherwise, you may end up trailing a worthless bet that won’t pay off.

Tweak your stakes

Of course, wagering the maximum number of coins earns you the full payout, assuming your prediction is correct. On the flip side, failing to pull off a decent hand will lead to losses over time. Consequently, analyze your wagering trend and know when to increase or decrease your stakes.

Study the paytable

Frankly, the paytable is a shot on the arm to direct you on how to organize your hand. You may find it necessary to throw away a pair in some scenarios if you suspect better chances to form a Flush or Straight. As a result, you will create a better hand than what you would have developed with the pair.

Choose the variations keenly

As you now know, there are scores of video poker versions you can play. The sad truth is that not all of them are worthy to reward you massively. Ideally, each gameplay comes with different odds of each bet. And if you play those with fewer chances, you will eventually win little rewards which will unworthy the risks.

Take breaks

You should suspend your gaming process if you exhaust your wagering cash. Achieving that comes in handy to aid you in managing your bankroll skillfully. Ideally, if you are intoxicated or tired, you will likely make costly mistakes leading to losses. On that account, break off whenever necessary to strategize on your next game.

Play at reputable casinos

You can never fall short of gaming brands on the internet. The sad bit is not all of them are trustworthy to issue payouts and safeguard your funds and credentials effectively. And on the grounds of that, search for legit, safe, and transparent gaming sites with friendly terms. Click here to join FUN88 and enjoy a decent experience.

Get The Best Bonuses By Playing Video Poker Online

The good news to all gamblers is that video poker is playable with bonuses. But wait, what freebies can you earn to play with video poker? Below are some of those you should expect:

  • Welcome bonus: New gamers acquire welcome bonus only after signing up and banking cash in an online casino. It is available only once and presented as 100% or more of the funds deposited. 
  • Match bonus: This giveaway is additional cash deposited to a gambler’s cashier after the welcome bonus. The good thing about it is you can secure it multiple times. 
  • VIP bonus: This incentive is available on selected days and to specific members. Ideally, it arrives in multiple forms such as additional cash on deposit bonus, invitations to unique games, or boosted rewards. 
  • No deposit bonus: This Incentive is credited to a gamer’s account in the form of wagering cash or free spins without depositing funds to the gaming wallet. You Can Click here to know more about no deposit bonus bonus and learn how you can claim to play online.
  • Cashback: This giveaway is issued as a consolation for losses gamblers make in wagers. But again, it comes as a percentage, and not the entire cash lost. 
  • Promotional bonus: This offer is available in different stages and days at gaming sites and comes in multiple forms.

Play Video Poker Game On Mobile

Playing video poker on mobile adds an extra layer of convenience to online gaming. And to make the deal even sweeter, mobile gaming is viable to take place on the app. More so, you can download a gaming app from Google or Apple Store and get a kick out of your favorite video poker version. You can get an app for a specific free game in the same breath and play it to hone your poker skills before joining real money wagering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can play different video poker variations for free at numerous sites to practice the game before wagering with real cash.

Jack or Better and Deuces Wild are deemed the best to play, especially if you are a newbie. However, you can try out different versions to see which one works best for you.

No. The games are available 24/7, even in the wee hours of the night, unlike in land-based gaming houses.

There is no limit to how much you can win, provided you have the cash to wager.


Video poker isn’t a hard game to play and wager, as you can tell now. Today, you have a chance to make some extra cash without leaving your house. As it is, all the information about the game is at your disposal. All you need to do is play the free version if you want some exposure before wagering for real cash. But if you are confident, you can start playing right off the bat. All you need is a gaming account at FUN88, and you will be good to go. We recommend you hold the bull by the horns and try your luck. You may be surprised to earn more than some of the experienced players you see around.